The Action Coach


By creating the time and space for transformation to evolve

I will coach you towards your goals, dreams & aspirations.

We work together on confidence, mindset & letting go of limiting beliefs

My unique style offers you a bespoke service to help with transformation & growth for life

I work creatively to ensure the life changing results you truly crave & deserve are achieved, with over 750+ hours of coaching experience

Coach ME - Uncover your desire and find your path, purpose & passion in your life

Career Coaching – Whether it's changing careers, overcoming losing a job or dealing with redundancy or needing more flexibility. Practical support as well as digging deep to reveal your true calling

By working with ME as YOUR coach you are 85% more likely to succeed than if you struggle along on your own

You are not on your own - You are with Now it’s all about ME

Coaching you to create Confidence and Clarity in your Life

About ME

I’m Clare Percival, a Life and Career Coach & NLP practitioner. An action woman, professional people watcher, and champion for change. A super fan and Ambassador for Psychologies Magazine and avid personal development book reader.  

Now it's all about ME was created after a series of life changing events, including bereavement, battling health issues, raising a family whilst juggling work and finally redundancy. The most inspirational and rewarding moment in my life was embracing change and taking a huge leap of faith by jumping into the creative world of coaching and setting up my own business.

With 30 years experience working in coaching & mentoring, information, advice & guidance within the Travel and Charity Sector. A previous careers advisor, trainer and self-employment networking leader, I've had three careers. I understand a lot about stepping into the unknown and taking risks, making changes and taking action. 

Work with ME for personal or professional growth and your transformation will evolve into something beyond the extraordinary. 

Qualified Degree Level in Coaching  

Licensed NLP Practitioner 

Level 3            Counselling Skills Concepts

Level 3            PTLLS (teaching)

Currently studying Degree Level in Addiction Counselling

Colour & Style trained with Colour me beautiful

Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council

Full Insured and DBS checked

Work with ME

I’m Clare and I help you take action to change the things in your life that are no longer working well for you.

A confidence coach, I motivate and inspire professional people to take control, get unstuck and reconnect with their inner soul by creating the time and space for change to happen


Life coaching  brings calm & peace, strength & resilience, happiness & purpose. By learning a new way of thinking, a more decisive ME, confident ME and able to let go and live a life free from guilt, anxiety, stress and stagnation.  


We all have times in our life when we can't find our own answers and struggle along in the hope that somehow 'life' will get better. Coronavirus has changed our lives so much. Why drive ourselves down a road of despair, guilt and procrastination, before we ask for any help? Afraid to reach out? Afraid to ask for help? Coaching will help you find your answers and take action.


Do you want a new way to look at life and a chance to explore what it is you really want out of life and how to get it? If you do, you are in the right place


By creating the time & space for transformation to evolve
I will coach you towards a brighter future.


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