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Coach ME


"You're never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream." C.S.Lewis 




The results speak for themselves, and to view life with a different mindset, energy, and passion is liberating. By creating the time and space to work on prioritising the most important person in your life, you!

Now it's all about bringing the sunshine back into your life.

Are you:


  • A professional looking at gaining promotion at work or gaining more work-life balance?

  • A mum working part-time but considering change or starting a side business?

  • A woman in need of finding new energy?

  • A woman who craves deeper and richer relationships?

  • A woman who wants to learn how to say no?

  • A woman who appreciates life more?

  • An entrepreneur wanting to take their business to the next level?

  • A professional who wants to break free from corporate?

  • A business owner in need of sales coaching?

Using a variety of solution-focused coaching & NLP techniques, positive psychology principles, skilled questions and lots of listening,  the coaching process is created. This is unique to every individual or group. We establish goals and work together in achieving...ME

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Life Coaching


  • Stuck  - frozen - life is like a groundhog day.

  • Unhappy - lost - lacking purpose.

  • Loss of identity - empty nest - midlife challenges.

  • Career crisis -  unhappiness at work - feeling unfulfilled

  • Anxiety and stress - foggy brain - tired of life 

  • Relationship issues - finding love - nurturing long term relationships

  • Hormone hell - body changes - ageing 

  • In need of a life audit - work - family - friends - health - wealth - hobbies - learning - values

  • Lost control - need to let go of control

  • Redundancy worries

  • Becoming a young adult and in need of professional support with direction and decision making skil

This is what 'ME' can look like after coaching & NLP

  • A strong belief in self - future direction - purpose

  • New mindset, positive & powerful

  • Confident and assertive

  • Finding own voice and knowing how and when to use it for the greatest results

  • Feelings of inner reward and satisfaction in life

  • Happiness - content - rosy

  • Knowing that when when life throws you curve balls you have the 'life tools' to deal with any problem

  • Glowing inside and out

  • Self-awareness and belief

  • Understanding your own personality profile

  • Living a colourful and conscious life


 Duration of sessions can be discussed during your Discover ME call, which is a FREE  call to establish your needs, goals, presenting problem and our connection. 

What am I like as a coach?

Clients often remark how comfortable I make them feel, that it is like sitting down with a long-lost friend, which is a huge compliment. As a coach I have permission to ask the questions that sometimes you wouldn't want a friend to ask or to answer to. With ME it's OK. Coaching is confidential, non-judgemental and a comfortable space to explore these answers.