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I am curious about your life and business, passionate about creating a fresh mindset.

 I will coach you towards a

brighter future.


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                                                 About ME

I’m Clare Percival,  a Creative Coach & NLP practitioner for your life or business. Professional people watcher, champion of women and lighting the path to success, whether personally or professionally. I bring laughter & energy into each & every session as this is when the coaching & NLP creates fireworks. A super fan and Ambassador for Psychologies Magazine and avid personal development book reader. 

The name Clare means 'clear or bright' and that's exactly my intention, to bring clarity and brightness into your life with the coaching process.  Match this with the love of all things colourful, especially yellow, I  encourage you all to live a vibrant life. A person can immediately radiate the most magnificent  glow after the coaching metamorphosis.  

My love affair with human behaviour and all things sunny started in Greece in the 90s after spending five years immersing myself in the culture & traditions. The best 'life-learning' place in the world, home to philosophy and masters of the art of 'people watching'.  I soon surrendered to spending hours sitting in local cafes, gazing out over the Mediterranean sea, slowly sipping  iced frappes, with the warmth of the sunshine filling my soul and began my quest to study people.


Years later and with a rich variety of experience working  with clients, from all walks of life, age and nationality, from one to one's, groups, charity projects and corporate training, I still draw from my time in Greece plus my 'official' learning to offer an excellent quality service with powerful results. I charge by the session which is unique to my service, if you are mid way through a light bulb moment, there is no 'sorry time's up' but a 'tell me more' attitude.  I am an experienced trainer and love designing new tools, exercises and courses to suit your needs.  The more you can experiment, journal and complete worksheets in between sessions, the stronger you will grow. 


Now it's all about ME was created after a series of life changing events,  including bereavement, health issues, hitting 40 and not feeling fabulous, raising a family whilst juggling work  and redundancy. The most inspirational and rewarding moment in my life was sucking up failure and rejection and taking a huge leap of faith and jumping into the creative world of coaching and setting up my business.  NOW happily living in Reigate, Surrey, UK with my long-term partner, teen man-boy, our daft cat Holly and occasionally returning eldest, recently graduated, son. As my family have NOW gained confidence & independence I  am able to dedicate my time and  dedication your way. 


Qualified Degree Level in Coaching  

Licensed NLP Practitioner 

Level 3            Counselling Skills Concepts

Level 3            PTLLS (teaching)

Currently studying Degree Level in Addiction Counselling

Colour & Style trained with Colour me beautiful

Member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council

Full Insured and DBS checked

Huge thanks to Anna Davie for designing the eye catching logo's and icons and Sian Reynolds for the photography, if you would like further details on their services, please get in touch