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Podacast launch 8th January 202

I am joined by the talented Vidya Bellur from Vivid Outcomes for our new venture in 2020 bringing you Resonate and Reflect, together we are discussing topics that will give you some R&R by taking everyday conversations, but as coaches, enrich the average 'Hi, how are you and really dig deeper by asking, Hi how are you honestly?' Join us for a refreshing and curious outlook on life.


Sales Coaching

June 2019 sprang into action with my exclusive sales coaching training programme, delivered to a group of fabulous ladies, all running their own beauty & skin care businesses. Not just another run of the mill 'How to sell' course but a kick ass, action packed, interactive, mindset meets personality techniques and

practical guide to making sales. Smashing limiting beliefs and changing selling mindsets, to listening with closure! 

More to come in 2020

Networking  Group for Women


Tribe Nights
Wednesday 8th January 2020
The Tasting rooms, Reigate

All you need to do is book your tickets, spread the tribal word and enjoy the delights that I have planned for you all over the next year!

This tribe will be on fire every first Wednesday of each month

Our Reigate Tribe Night is a mini eco-system of encouragement, empowerment, and of women who totally ‘get’ what it feels like to be you. Join us for a monthly evening meetup the first Wednesday of each month at The Vineking Tasting Rooms 7:30 – 9:30 pm in real life. You can come along as a guest to your first Reigate Tribe Night by booking a guest ticket below, before making the decision to join.

The Power Hour
Our Power Hours are designed to empower you and inspire you. We partner up with female experts to deliver these regularly at your monthly meetups. We’re talking expert knowledge, fierce female panels, inspire and connect sessions. Everything you need on your journey to help you up your game.

Online Community:
Don’t wait until the event to begin networking with Reigate women in business, come on over to Facebook and LinkedIn to get connected.



Did you know I can tailor make and package up most of my services into training workshops or courses - groups, parties or business 

  •          An experienced trainer and flexible with my style depending on the delegates

  •          From coaching to colour, job searching   to personal development courses

  •          Tailor made to your specifications

  •          Price upon application and discounts apply for Charities.


Now it's all about the Life Coach Directory,

As a qualified Life Coach you can find my services on the Coaching Directory

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