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Clear out your Clutter Day Saturday 11th March

March 10, 2017



Spring is in the air with 50% OFF De-Cluttering

 for one weekend ONLY (10th -12th March 2017)


Now it’s all about De-Cluttering


What does your wardrobe say about you? Go and have a look? Is it tidy? Messy? Organised? Chaotic? Colour co-ordinated? Colour phobic? Do you have one wardrobe? Or two, three or four plus half the kid’s cupboards too (why do they need full space in any case) A spare room which has turned into a 'scare' room? All taking up valuable space both physically and mentally.


So why do we have so much?

Why don’t we de-clutter ourselves?

Here are some observations and responses from previous clients:


I don’t have the time - I am in denial that I’ve spent that much and not worn it

Maybe one day it will come in handy? - It’s years’ worth of memories

Can’t be bothered to do it - I wish someone else could do it for me


Here’s some things that clients have said after a de-clutter


'I feel I can breathe and my mind feels more de-cluttered too',

'I couldn’t have done it alone, it makes ALL the difference having you there',

 'I have the right balance of clothing to reflect my current lifestyle (not my previous one)

'I can find things! Plus, I know what goes with what',

'My husband is delighted'

'I feel empowered and it’s the start of a different mindset',

'I wasn’t expecting the practical hanging and storage advice',

 'I found the follow up list with what my wardrobe was lacking useful'


What is reflected after a de-clutter is 'It's more than just a wardrobe clear out.'


My 3 top tips to



1. Take everything out

2. Ask yourself these questions

a) Does it still fit?

b) Is it the right colour?

c) If I saw it in a shop would i still want to buy it?

3. Use non slip slim hangers


Contact ME now for your 50% discount on a De-cluttering Service was £120 now £60*Offer ends 13.3.17

*weekends and evenings excluded, offer includes a free telephone assessment  and 3 hour de-cluttering service

(travel charges and additional hours may apply)




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