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Now it's all about.....YELLOW

March 24, 2017


In the Spotlight this week is a tribute to my favourite colour.....happiness for me is YELLOW! 


So what's your favourite colour? What's in your wardrobe and what is the psychology behind colours....? Can colour really help change our mood? Uplift us? Define us and even label us? So, I ask you this, if  you had a job interview, what colour would you choose? Would your colour choice determine your fate? It's all very interesting, here's what I discovered about YELLOW.


'Bright, optimistic, stimulates intelligence (phew that's a relief) and curiosity. Helps with decision making and increases good communication'.


When you think of yellow what do you see? Sunshine? daffodils,sunflowers? Take a moment and visualise YELLOW and see if it does put a smile on your face  


 Let's spread a little happiness this weekend in particular as it is Mothers Day (you know we deserve it) If you want to discover if  YELLOW is your WOW colour, do get in touch as my 25% off  a colour analysis ends on  26.3.17, a perfect gift  of colour and time.

Today I had a wonderful client explain a little bit about how having a colour session can be a real eye opener, please read below, this is her colourful story....


"Wow! I didn't realise having my colours done could be so much fun!   I was a bit nervous beforehand, but Clare was so skilled and professional that I felt in safe hands. Plus we had a really good laugh - Clare's warm and funny, totally impossible to faze, and explains the whole process so well. I have come away with a really clear idea of what colours suit me and what to avoid -as well as some great (and unexpected) colour combinations to try. I've had loads of compliments since, too, so something has obviously worked! 


So, if YELLOW promotes joy, happiness and rational thinking, shall we embrace all things YELLOW and add a daily dose of happiness and let's get colourful.     

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