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Now it's all about.....Sunshine!

April 9, 2017


Well, well, well, isn't this a lovely surprise, the sun has most certainly got it's hat on and so have I (a rather fetching floaty 70's navy and cream floppy one too) as it is roasting....in APRIL and it is school holidays and it is the weekend. I know this is a rather strange phenomena and not something us Brits are used to, but dream on....





Don't you just love it when you can't leave the house without your sunglasses, a slap of lotion and  wearing a big beaming smile. The Greeks call sunbathing 'iliotherapeia' it's literal translation meaning 'sun therapy', enough said.


So, can I ask, have you been one of the many frantically rummaging through your summer clothes trying to find something that ISN'T knitwear? Do you have a 'seasonal change over'? Where do you store your summer clothing? In the loft? Under the bed? Someone else's house? Or all in one place? 


Now it's all about me had a summer rummage yesterday, a couple of bags for charity, a bag for the bin and 3 bags full for selling either on Ebay or Preloved events, I totalled up potential earnings of £495...that's a summer holiday right there! Which is great news as I do love a trip away, so this is my motivation, what's yours?


However, if I had a £1 for every time I heard someone say to me :


'I'm planning on having a big de-clutter' or 'I'm planning on Ebaying it' I actually wouldn't need to work at all, ever...again. 


So why do we procrastinate about this? Everyone is different, so what's your story?


If you booked the Now it's all about me de-clutter service it could pay for itself ? How? Really?! You must be joking....the items that could be sold at one of the preloved events or having them Ebayed for you may well cover the cost of a de-clutter, so you get to go clutter-free, earn cash and cover the costs.


Want to know more, then get in touch for a FREE telephone consultation  on 07904 332 339 or 01737 245714 to find out more....



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