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Now it's all about...May Fever!

May 7, 2017

 So Spring has sprung, the Sun decided to take a break and all the eager seasonal change overs of wardrobes that happened in March have now left us looking for where we stored our jumpers again...fear not, the warm weather will soon return! 


Do you suffer from May Fever? Start sniffing around this time of year? If, like me you succumb to the irritant that is known as 'allergic to lots of stuffitus', then I have designed a Now it's all about ME

Top 10 Tips from the expert!



1 Find out what you are allergic too, is it grass, tree or pets? For ME, partners, children and exercise are also included...


2. Watch the telly for their pollen count status, which is usually provided with the weather reports - btw I love our Carol's outfits and all her 'Cool' undertones and vibrant dresses.


3. Stay indoors!! What!? On a sunny day - you've got to be kidding..oh hang on a moment, that's OK, only between 5am - 10am when pollen is at it's most rampant - say no more!


4. May Fever is triggered by outdoors allergens, always shower and wash your hair after being 'contaminated' and ask your partner too as well or you'll be sleeping next to a sneeze inducing potential coma.


5. Avoid smoke, paint, glue (where is this going I wonder) and other irritants or you'll be having your very own Allergy May Festival, good thing there's no pollen in shopping centres otherwise I'd be out of a job!!


6. Allergy proof your home, a bit like burglar proofing but without the alarm system. All my bedding is allergy free, regular vacuuming, de-humidifier on and poor Holly the Cat is not allowed in the bedroom.


7. Fancy a wheat free month to see if this helps? Your body can only take so many allergens at one time, and if you are sensitive to wheat and don't know it, it may calm your symptoms down by taking a break from wheat? Is there wheat in GIN???


8. Do you start sneezing when you're in the car? Make sure your vents are NOT pointing in you face and open your windows after 10 minutes to circulate some 'fresh' air. My Minty and ME are sneeze free at the moment, thank goodness.


9. Love this tip, get someone else to do the gardening, so whilst someone is trimming your hedge, you can enjoy some ME time! Genius.


10. Medication works, I take industrial strength prescription anti'h's however Jason Vale, The Juice Master swears by his apple,ginger and lime cocktail to reduce May Fever.



 I hope you enjoyed the ME Top Tips, if all else fails here are some things to cheer you up in MAY.


Come along to my next Preloved Pop Up Event  - The Gin menu is a winner too at  The Old Oak, Meadvale, Redhill the first Wednesday of  every month, next event is 7th June. 


Throw a colour party, have a fun night with your girlfriends and be amazed with the power of colour and how it really does make you feel fabulous.


Book a De-clutter session and sell any unwanted items at the Gin Night , oops I mean Preloved Clothing Event.


Style it up and have a 'style' over session and wardrobe make over


Treat yourself to a 'life audit' with a fun and interactive style programme to evaluate the best bits and identify the areas in your life that may need some help..and help is what I do


ALL my ME services come with a half hour FREE telephone assessment to answer your questions, find out more information and put your mind at ease...after all... Now it's all about ME 





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