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Now it's all about holidays

July 9, 2017


As Brits, we do love a good holiday, whether it’s because of our endless enthusiasm for ‘lucking out with the weather’ for a classic staycation, or our sheer excitement about getting on a plane and jetting off into the sunshine (ensuring you check the UK weather forecast everyday just to make you feel extra good). So, if it’s a UK holiday or abroad, both have one thing in common and that’s packing….

So what type of PACKER are you?


The Practice Packer

Do you spend days agonising over your items of clothing and working out the most and best colour combos to gain the ultimate capsule case? Spreadsheets, planners, checklists and packed 48 hours before the big event?


The Pack and Go-er

Do you shove everything in half an hour before you are due to leave not knowing if what you’ve packed is even clean let alone matches. What about the kids? Nah – they don’t need much!


The Night Before Packer

Do you lurk up to your loft, dust off your holiday case, in the hope that everything you stored in there from last year still fits and is clean? Got enough Suntan lotion? Don’t worry there will always be a Boots…somewhere!?


The Panic Packer

Are you organised, efficient, never forget anything put panic in any case as you have convinced yourself that you ‘must’ have forgotten something…. Can’t believe I forgot the mini travel sewing kit, the holidays ruined!


Now it’s all about a funny story….

Many years ago, back in my ‘Dial a flight’ days I was lucky to go on an educational to New Zealand and Fiji (I know), 3 weeks of exploring, driving, climbing, training, wine tasting and beaching and for some bizarre reason my sights were set on the ‘Fiji’ part and less on the ‘NZ in winter’ part. My face (let alone my travel buddy Lynn) said it all, when I opened my case and pulled out 5 sarongs, swimwear and flip flops. Luckily, they had shops in Christchurch, albeit a tad dodgy, but lesson learnt.




Top 10 tips for packing

  1. I prefer not to use the over referenced ‘capsule wardrobe’ phrase, but ‘YES’ do it. Max out your outfits by ensuring the good old mix and match art of dressing.

  2. Beach to bar outfits is my main mantra, multipurpose/stylish and oh so Bohemian darlink.

  3. Pack your bag once, then unpack it and put back at least 20% less-you really don’t need that much.

  4. If you haven’t achieved your buff beach body by the time you leave you won’t suddenly do so in the 24 hours leading up to your departure, so unpack anything too tight. Remember when it’s hot being squeezed into a tight dress/trousers/top is sticky, sweaty and not at all sexy

  5. Take layers, wear layers and pack in layers. I found a clever video clip of a ‘packing’ expert. She layered up her clothing in 3 piles beachwear, evening wear and misc then using the largest to the smallest item layered the clothing and rolled it up in a big fat sausage and popped it in her case. No creases, no fuss just 3 roly polys.

  6. As an ex holiday rep (no I didn’t do bar crawls or chant football songs) I witnessed many things and experienced a whole array of ‘tourist’ tales. I so wish I’d written that book, but my next tip would be to always pack one item of clothing and one beachwear outfit in your hand luggage, that way if your case does go missing, you are sorted for at least 2 days

  7. UK holidays and 4 Seasons in 1-day packing dilemma…needing to pack for interchangeable weather is frustrating, use the layer technique and buy a mac in a bag. I found a gorgeous navy and white polka dot mac/poncho in a bag in St.Ives this year, I convinced myself it would rain (the clouds were gathering, looking mean, moody, dark and very Poldarky dramatic) it didn’t, but hey at least I now have one!

  8. Have you ever played spot the black suitcase on the carousel game? It still amazes me that travellers forget to add an identifiable band or label to help the detection amongst a sea of black luggage. My top tip, don’t buy black go colourful

  9. If orange isn’t your colour ‘off’ holiday, it’s not going to suit you ‘on’ holiday, too many people who are usually conservative dressers at home, overnight turn into a floral kaleidoscope of clashing colours that Sue Pollard would be proud of.

  10. Beach towels take up so much space in your case, l buy mine in resort and leave it there


Need any holiday items or help with your shopping or colour combinations, then get in touch. I’d be happy to help


Big love





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