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Now it's all about...Sunday Lunch

July 16, 2017

What’s this? Lunch? On a Sunday? With girlfriends? In a grown-up pub/restaurant/fancy but casual eatery? Me? YES ME! ‘Casual enough to be comfortable, smart enough to feel special’ it said on their website, this in turn equals an immediate attack of what to wear dilemma…!!


So, I wish I hadn’t looked at the website before I left to drive to Clandon, where the grand Onslow Arms sits in all its glory (someone told me they have a helipad out back). Cool in the summer with al fresco dining and a lovely sunny garden and I can concur this is correct! It was a gathering of ex-work colleagues (remember the redundancy blog) and a catch up as to ‘what happened next’…. Conversations on how liberated we felt and vaguely guilty that we had taken time out on a Sunday away from family commitments and treated ourselves to a two-course fabulous gastronomic delight.  So, why do we feel guilty? It’s only lunch not a sordid affair or some bank robbery! It’s funny, time out for ME always comes with a side order of the ‘G’ (guilt), followed by lashings of ‘J’ (justifications) – ‘it’s been ages’, ‘can’t stay too long’ and ‘I will need to get back soon’…. but we really need to embrace this ME time as treasured time and a gift that is hard to top, the gift of time.


There was me, bombing along the A25 in Minty, trying not to crash in to all the many, many cyclists in the area on a Sunday, lycra’d up and looking red faced and determined, especially up those Surrey Hills (the British Olympics has a lot to answer for around this area now, they are all at it). In my head, I was having my usual conversation with myself (what, do you do it too?) ‘I’ll pop for a coffee, say Hi and dash back home, got jobs to do, things to write, preloved clothes to hang and rails to kick *cough*fix together.’ Followed by ‘Well, might stay for a coffee and piece of cake, ermm maybe not cake, maybe a sandwich, or perhaps they may have a starter….’ This went on for most of the journey. I arrived 40 minutes late, only to find one friend sitting in the very lovely ‘al fresco’ dining area, looking lonely but elegant and eager. The six had become four, due to some last-minute cancellations and the three others were late, me included!


Once we all arrived, sat down, had a quick caffeine fix to enable us to make the decisions on what two courses to order, I picked up my mobile, GF (nope, not Gluten Free, Guilt Free, it’s a great diet, you should try it someday) and text home saying ‘long story, stopping for lunch, will be a while’ and the moment I sent the text, my shoulders dropped and a huge feeling of ‘aahhhhh’ swept over ME, in a good way and involving no external influence, just inner pleasure! Who’d have thought a Sunday lunch could be that satisfying and I hadn’t eaten a morsel. 


The ‘Casual enough to be comfortable, smart enough to feel special’ statement/underlying dress code/website terror, for a Sunday was heading more towards the ‘smart/stylish’ vibe. It was a treat watching people come and go, secretly looking at their outfits and being mindful not to look like some strange staring lady, a look that I am not sure I quite achieved!? It’s a hobby of mine, one I don’t have on my CV yet, but one I am GF of doing, people watching and dress clocking. I’d gone for black (WTF, shut the front door..BLACK??? I hear you say) yes, I’d gone for black, wide legged trousers and a cami, as I wanted to match it up with my new preloved kimono jacket, which isn’t black, it’s a lovely shade of creams, blush pink, muted yellow, teals but the bottom is frayed with black tassels and so my decision was made.


Sunday lunch consisted of four hours of indulgence, pleasure, happiness and good chat, if Doctor’s could write prescriptions for this, I am sure this would be welcomed with open arms…The Onslow Arms!!


Now it’s all about ME has had some ‘ME’ time today, and is feeling oh so chilled, but I must remember to remind you all how I can help, support and work for you with my selection of services.



Having your colours assessed is a wonderful thing, either for you or for a gift. 

PLUS Kettlewell colours have their SALE on so you can get your fix of colour glam - mention my name when you order or ask me.






Knowing your style is about understanding you and what works for you and your shape. My relaxed, informal and fun style will ensure that this is an enjoyable and eye opening experience









De-cluttering is liberating and refreshing, I have changed my price structure slightly to offer more flexibility and understanding

PLUS I met a fab lady who de-clutters the rest of the home - the ultimate 'dream team' as we work together!









Life coaching/barrier busting/CV writing/career support/redundancy help/self-employment ideas/general life audit


I will always be here for you






 Preloved clothing events not only bring joy to the buyers, the sellers but the items get to have new homes too!! I am still looking for more venues to hold events starting in September, so if you do have any recommendations, please get in touch.


Change of date for next Old Oak Preloved to Wednesday 26th July 7.30-10.30pm and NOT Wednesday 2nd August







And finally, thanks to The Kings Arms in Rotherfield, who hosted the Rotherfield Village Fair ALL weekend. Now it’s all about ME was there on Saturday, with my pink gazebo and next to the wine tent, it was a fantastic event, great food stalls, amazing singers and lots of happy people, sharing the prelove!




Big love to you all



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