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Now it's all about...Girl Power

July 30, 2017




There is a new wave of positivity in the air with a feminine vibe and a girlie sense of support and unity. Is this the new era of ‘Girl Power’? Instead of brandishing the hard hitting ladette culture of the nineties, where it was liberating to be a girl, but in doing so acted more like some drunk bloke down your local pub (guilty), it is finally completely satisfying to be part of a new wave of girls, behaving like girls, succeeding because they are girls (ladies, women, females) and embracing their feminine side and finally being taken seriously.


I tell you what I want, what I really, really want….my girls! Girls who ‘have my back’, girls who ‘are there no matter what, girls who are encouraging and supportive and girls who won’t stab me in the back the minute I turn, girls that I trust and girls who keep their promises. Oh, and a final one, girls who dress like girls and don’t need to power dress, wear suits to rival the men’s quota and can wear bloody pink and not look like a Barbie doll. End of….


Look my Mum and Godmother were connecting years ago! Love this picture and wanted to share.



Starting in business and taking the plunge, especially one which is directly aimed at the ladies, I feel passionately about empowering and inspiring confidence. These are my values and each service I provide of ‘ME’ time promotes self-assurance, understanding and kindness for oneself. In fact, my business name Now it’s all about ME, evolved from this concept and appreciation of my fellow females! A cohesion of team spirit, with shared aims, visions to inspire and working towards a harmonious, happy self.


It’s about time!


I was unashamedly glued to this series of ‘Love Island’, * shoot me now*, however I do tend to watch programmes that I can completely switch off to and due to my love of people and dynamics when put together in group situations, I eagerly tuned into every episode. What was apparent, apart from the super fit bods, perfect teeth, fake boobs, occasional cougar perving and a ‘bromance’ that ideally should have won the competition, just for the fun of it, was that instead of the girls, bitching, talons sharpened and scratching out their eyeballs with some occasional hair grabbing, they conducted themselves with an air of maturity, supported one another and connected.


There were a few moments when a ‘new’ girl (always ridiculously beautiful) entered the villa...’TEXT’ followed by #awkward #newgirllaert #lockupyourmen but instead of some major cat fight, even if the ‘new girl’ coupled up with one of their fellas, they may have initially been a bit put out, but mostly sat down together and talked it through. So much nicer than when reality TV screens episodes of girls screaming bloody murder at each other and getting into a massive ‘bitchfests’. Note to TV producers:


We are over that shit!



Continuing with the Girl Love Vibe, I love my preloved nights and when all the frenzied shopping has calmed and the Gin/Prosecco/Wine has been consumed, I sit and reflect on the evening and listen to the sound of chatter and laughter amongst groups of ladies, on a retail high and sharing the prelove. I embrace the fact that I can usually chat to everyone who pops in, I now have an impressive ‘Wish List’ from many of you and acting like you own personal ‘clothing agent’ or ‘preloved matchmaker’ is 100% rewarding.  Thanks so much for spreading the word.  


 Here are some preloved bits, L-R Paul & Joe & McQ,  Captain Tortue & Sandwich and a variety of Captain Tortue


Following the PL night, I’d arranged to meet a lovely lady, fellow ‘girl power’ and ‘girl supporter’ business woman, who runs a photography company called ‘Rejuvenating Joy’ facebook.com/katyrejuvenatingjoy. When you network and arrange to meet up, it’s a bit like going on a blind date, you rock up at a pub or cafe, scan around the joint to find a lone stranger who looks like the one you’d seen on their FB page and go and introduce yourself. 


Katy and I clicked immediately with mutual values and a sense of humour to match. Like-minded ladies and a shared vision to empower others to feel amazing and most importantly, owning it. Let’s ban self-negative beliefs and nurture the inner beauty and outer gorgeousness.

Sharing ideas, tips, advice and stories the hours flew by and after a couple of diet cokes and 2 bowls of nuts, soon we had come out with some joint working ideas, new packages and put the world to rights.


Watch this space for the big reveal in the autumn!


Aww, even our cards connected 😊



So, if you ever wanted to have some ‘relaxed, fun and affordable’ professional photos with a pre-colour and style before the shoot, welcome to the dream team!


And this is what we mean by Girl Power!


Exciting news  * More Preloved Events are coming your way*

New Venue

The White Lion, Linkfiled Street, Redhill

Every last Wednesday of the month, starting 30th August from 7.30pm

The venue is so cute, quirky and of course, has its own Gin menu! Plenty of parking and lots of atmosphere.



Don’t panic Old Oak Fans, I will still be there on the first Wednesday of every month, it’s just that I am growing. Remember NO Old Oak this Wednesday 2nd August, due to holidays.


Colours and style

The new season is all about the RED, so if you would like to know what shade of red to wear for your colourings, please get in touch. Had your colours assessed years ago and fancy a refresh, go to www.nowitsallaboutme.co.uk for details, what about style and shapes?


The Preloved Matchmaker

Get in touch if you have something in mind, maybe a wedding outfit or a designer handbag? Love a brand but would prefer it preloved prices? Going to a party, want to wear a new pair of heels, but would only wear them once and don’t want to spend the money on new shoes, I am your preloved matchmaker. I have a variety of lovely girls, my sellers, growing on a weekly basis, who I often message with certain requests. My wish list is growing, so please get in touch if there is something you need. If you would like to be one of my sellers, email info@nowitsallaboutme.co.uk for a copy of my T&C’s.


Shopping buddy

Need a new, new outfit or want to check out the new season or current sales but would prefer a shopping BFF, then I’m your girl, just go to www.nowitsallaboutme.co.uk for details and how to book. All services include a half hour telephone call, to talk through your needs, to max out on shopping time.



Help is always at hand when it comes to a de-clutter, need that advice, want storage solutions, require assistance with bulging drawers and over flowing wardrobes? It’s more than just a big tidy up, it’s empowering and liberating, plus you can sell items at one of my preloved events!


And finally, remember I bring my coaching/counselling and mentoring skills to all of my services, so when we understand your best colours, your best shapes and best kept wardrobe, the main thing is that I UNDERSTAND you! You will always have my non-judgemental, confidential and empathetic ear to every 'ME' service.


 So, whatever you do this summer, make it magical, keep it simple and enjoy some 'ME' time.



Big love




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