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Now it's all about....owning it

September 14, 2017


Do you really own it? Have you put your stamp on it? Made it ‘your own’? Worn confidence whilst in a room full of doubt? So, what helps us ‘own it’? (click fingers and shouts out GIRLFRIEND)


The other evening, whilst trying to hear ourselves speak through pumping music, at a birthday party,  our conversation turned to the importance of the idiom “owning it.” We realised that owning it — honouring ourselves and acknowledging our unique identity, talents, skills, desires, fears, and neurotic tendencies —  sums up how we can all go about living a life that is full and filled with integrity — in all areas of our existence and covering each element that forms our day to day life.


Owning our individual needs, desires, skills and even insecurities allows us to see the value of setting intentions for ourselves and our actions, and working toward a sense of self-definition, I am ‘ME’ and I will own ‘ME’ and all that comes with it…warts and all……(especially the warts).


At that point, we were discussing the delightful subject on many ladies lips (and hips), ‘Now it’s all about the MAS’ otherwise known as Middle Age Spread, this led to a few self-negative comments, some frustration over regular exercising and  weight fluctuation plus a genuine feeling of  ‘argghhhh’, which I believe is the official term for the condition.



At this point the ‘owning it’ conversation came up, how I would strongly recommend anyone feeling open to insecurity, change and undergoing a slight expansion, is to own the person you are now. See your own potential, work as your own advocate, and as an agent of self-empowerment. (clicks fingers again)


Most experiences in life that inspire and motivate us to learn, grow, and thrive, can also be challenging and a little terrifying. When we’re presented with an unfamiliar situation (MAS) does it inspire us? Does it motivate us? Does it confuse us? Well, that’s all dependent to the individual concerned, but whilst you are working out which emotion to opt for, how about ‘owning it’ for the foreseeable future and make it part of you, rather than the enemy.


You may not be ready to deal with the emotion or the MAS, but maybe you are up for a challenge. In that case, acknowledge your fear, but go forward with courage.  We have a natural tendency to shy away from fully acknowledging — owning it — there’s no doubt that it takes guts to step up to the plate and make  a statement about who you are, what you want, and what you have. You have guts, just own it. 


New for Now it's all about ME this month:


I am now taking bookings for seasonal change over/mini decluttering session to help your wardrobe feel alive !!


2 hours to transform your wardrobe  ❤️️
2 hours to help let go of the unwanted  👙
2 hours of colour and style advice  👗
2 hours of support to let go  💕
2 hours of fun  👜


*30 min free tel consultation 
*detailed report on items/colours needed to gain a capsule wardrobe 
*tips on storing and hanging 
*ideas for outfits 
*DBS checked


2 hours to transform your living for only £50


All items for either bin or charity will be removed for you


Any items for preloved can be sold through the Preloved Surrey Clothing events and make some money for you!


Call or text  now 07904 332339 or 01737 245714

Further information email info@nowitsallaboutme.co.uk with the subject 2 hour de-clutter 
Message Facebook page @nowitsallaboutcoaching 


It's time to declutter and feel amazing!


Warm wishes






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