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Now it's all about...HUGGY

October 1, 2017


No, not bear, but something like a brisk walk in the countryside, wrapped up in a warm cosy jacket (preloved obs) multi coloured Dr Who esque scarf, mismatched Fagan gloves and my best fluffy socks and boots, heading for the local roaring log fire, oak beamed, dog loving quintessentially English pub and gazing into a large glass of something red and slightly boozy - freeze frame that moment and feel the inner sensation of glowtastic.  Like a big hug


 If you are visualising the scene now, what colours do you see?

Makes you warm all over, and as I consider the change of season whilst zoning out in a trance like state, by staring out of the window (Studio 36 not the pub unfortunately), having just polished off a proper homemade hot chocolate with all the accompaniments and a slice of velvety gooey rich cake (GF) I whole heartedly embrace that fuzzy autumn feeling and think Aawwwwww, if I was a cat, I’d be purring so loud right now.



However the Aawwwwww feeling is soon replaced with oooppps, as I realise that my mind is blank and my blog is in fact an empty sheet of paper, how am I going to top George Clooney, (that is not a euphemism btw) well I’m not and it is not about upping the ante, or desperately trying to top last week’s article, it is about being me, being real and practising what I preach which is being true to oneself and this weekend I am feeling orangey and autumnal and slightly tortoise like #hibernate #sleep



 With the love of warm baths, log fires, anything slightly mulled wine/cider cinnamon tasting and a passion for jumpers, knits, jackets and boots, I used to think I was a summer girl but in fact this evidence reflects more of an Autumn convert, cosy coffee Clare is here – move over you Danes and your overly advertised ‘HYGGE’ a word we can’t pronounce, let’s get cosy, happy and HUGGY  


Apart from embracing the colours of the season, I have in fact been busy ‘working’ this week,  designing a training programme, tailor made and full of personal development skills, confidence building techniques and career guidance as well as some colour fun and styling. If you would like more information on my training packages email info@nowitsallaboutme.co.uk  


I have also been drooling over Kettlewell Colours to which I am not only a big supporter, agent and wearer of the super stylish and colourtastic company who embody the essence of colour analysis but love their quirky style too.

Although I asses on the tonal spectrum, Kettlewell use the seasons, fancy trying it out? https://a.cstmapp.com/p/12622   

If you see anything you want to order mention my name as I aim to be one of their approved stylists by 2018, or even better, let me order as I get discount and free P&P 

Why hello red faux suede jacket, come to mumma!!


If you would like your colours assessed or refreshed for the RED season email info@nowitsallaboutme.co.uk  





The first preloved clothing event at The White Lion was another cosy and HUGGY affair, despite the poor weather, preloved fans braved it out for a mooch, nothing can stop the temptation of  designer/high street bargains, needless to say several coats, jackets and boots were sold that night!


This week there are two preloved for Savvy Surrey Shoppers and Sporty too!


Wed 4th Oct The Old Oak 7.30pm - you know where it is!!


Fri 6th Oct Redhill & Reigate Golf Lounge Bar https://rrgc.net/  

9.30am - 11.30am

Perfect for a quick 'after the school run' coffee and a shop



Need a seasonal change over - 2 hour mini session for only £50 



Networking Mummies East Surrey have asked ME to present a short session on Time Management

October 18th 11am The Junction Pub Redhill 




In case you wondered, this is a recap on the ME services that I offer YOU

for further information and prices visit www.nowitsallaboutme.co.uk 


Colour analysis – working out your wow colours 

De cluttering service – live life clutter free 

Preloved clothing events

Life coaching – live the life you love

Training and workshops

Parties, events and gift vouchers

My wonderful friend Anna designed all these funky icons for Now it's all about ME


 Kill me now, Serendipity is on the telly, the perfect huggy movie


Until next week







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