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Now it's all about ......not juggling

October 15, 2017


What, don’t you mean juggling? The world is obsessed with how we can cram more things into our day, surely I must have it wrong? Do you mean I am going to talk about ‘not’ juggling? ‘You’ve lost the plot’ I hear you scream….or have I?!?


How many of you love to juggle? You wake up in the morning and take a sharp intake of breath, shout out ‘morning world’ and then chuckle with excitement over how many tasks you need to stuff into one day, 24 hours and counting. You bounce out of bed, skip downstairs, share jokes and laughter with your family, groom the cat and get dressed into the outfit you carefully laid out the night before.


I didn’t think so…rewind a moment to the alarm ringing in your ear, the cat meowing for food whilst nearly tripping you up as you stumble downstairs half asleep, shriek at the kids to get out of bed and rummage through your closet in a vain attempt to find something clean! Perhaps a slight exaggeration but you get the picture, or the contrast, right?




This week, I wrote a time management programme, or ‘how to master interruptions’ training and as I happily buried myself into my research, one thing became abundantly clear…why?! Why cram so much in our busy day? Why say ‘Yes of course that’s ok’ to every request that comes our way and why do more, when in fact we could do less?


Things I have read/learnt this week are:


1. Mono task don’t multi task – the brain goes into meltdown when you multi- task so the simple solution is don’t do it


2. Since when did a fulfilling life equal fill EVERYTHING into your life?


3.Stop complaining and start appreciating all the beautiful things that surround you and show gratitude.


4.Say ‘No’ or ‘not right now’ or ‘how about another time’ or ‘I am busy now’ or ‘let’s do nothing’



So, with these wise words closely imprinted in my mind, yesterday I turned off my phone, delegated the dinner making duty to a responsible adult and spent the afternoon binge watching ‘Stranger things’, before the start of Series 2 and after much nagging by our teenage son who rates it as 'the best acted thing ever'.


New rule now, book in time to do nothing and NOT juggle. Will the world collapse? Do let me know.


How do I feel today? Bloody marvellous!


 I did complete the time management programme but with a slightly different slant and an emphasis on the 'avoid interruptions' than 'let's do more'. If you would like to join in the training come to

Networking Mummies East Surrey 

October 18th 11am The Junction Pub Redhill 


Lastly a new toy arrived at Studio 36 this week for you all to enjoy, a colour helicopter and a Vivienne Westwood vintage jacket!


The busiest week on record and very fitting as Now it's all about ME turned ONE on Saturday

                                                             Happy Birthday to Now it's all about ME 







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