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Now it's all about....Life Tokens

November 5, 2017


If you were given 12 Life Tokens to spend (so to speak) what would you spend them on? Forget rubbing the magic lamp and gaining 3 wishes, we are talking Life Tokens, want to know more….


Years ago, pre-partner, kids, mortgage and responsibilities blah, blah, blah, I had the theory that at birth we were all issued metaphorical ‘life tokens’ and it was up to each individual to spend them wisely and to think about the choices and the paths that were available to us. Spend them frivolously, without thought and consideration, then we could run the risk of using up these precious tokens, only to find that when we needed them there were none left to exchange.    


Were you obsessed with knowing the future? Did you watch films like ‘Only you’ and ‘Sliding doors’ in the romantic notion that either you would find the ‘ONE’ and live Happily Ever After (AKA The HEA effect) as fate predicted or mistime the entire event and live a parallel life? One of my favourite Christmassy feel good films #logfire #redwine #cosyslippers is ‘Serendipity’ and if you haven’t seen it yet, shame on you!  

                 Only You,starring Robert Downey Jnr and Marisa Tomei who follows her childhood                             fate that her true love is a guy named "Damon Bradley," but she has yet to meet him.  


This unhealthy, slightly obsessional need to know what lies in store for us and what our lives would look like at aged 40 (god, sooooo old) aged 50 (positively prehistorical dinosaur age) seemed to blinker any opportunity to focus on the real, the now and the present, often by-passing what was in front of our eyes preferring to chase the future. Having reached the ‘dinosaur’ age, is my life what I imagined it to be back then? Is yours?



 Now as I lay awake last night, thinking of the year ahead, I pondered on how I can support others with their futures, not by romantising or binge watching unrealistic fantasy on Netflix, but practical guides, coaching tools and guidance. If I had spent more time at a younger age, having some goals to aim towards, or a person to guide me to figure out who I was, and what made me tick, my life tokens would have been spent wisely. Instead I was often influenced by other people’s visions and dreams instead of creating my own, plus chasing fairy tales (I really did think my first boyfriend would be riding a white horse and dressed in Knights armour, a big ask growing up in Croydon)!



To honour my ‘Life Tokens’ theory (and my sleepless night ) I will be carefully creating 12 life tokens for you to spend wisely on.... Visualising your dreams and making them into a reality 


You are all individuals, there is no ‘one size fits all’ techniques but hand-picked/crafted sessions that work for you (not ME) using all or one life token, starting with the most powerful mind exercise you can do, visualisation and creating your own Vision Board.




What is a Vision Board?

A fusion of:

* Scrap booking * Motivational mind mapping * Collages * Photos * Inspirational quotes * 


Why create a vision board?

* A daily reminder * Visual representation of YOUR needs for the year ahead *

* Makes your dreams more tangible * Trains the brain on what it needs to focus on *

* Fun, colourful, personal and keeps you grounded *


I will be running the Vision Board Life Token session on the following dates:


12th December 2017 19.00 – 22.00  

12th January 2018       19.00 – 22.00 

19th January 2018       10.30 - 13.30   


Cost: £40pp inc Board, materials and refreshments

For the cost of a haircut, new jumper (not preloved) or a meal out, you can start taking your first steps to a new ME


Venue: Studio 36 –  Clarence Walk, Reigate, Surrey


This 3-hour session will cover:


How a vision board works

Making it happen

Realistic goals for the year ahead

Positive language and techniques to making it happen

The cost of the board, materials, colour pens and glue etc

Light refreshments


This is the best ‘Life token’ you could spend or add to your Christmas wish list – you can book and pay online via my shop at  www.nowitsallaboutme.co.uk

Oh and of course, you get ME, a tried and tested Vision Board expert, who can absolutely validate the power of the board!  


News this week


One of my Vision Board pictures turned into a reality this week, when I was chosen by Psychologies magazine to become one of their Life Leapers and Ambassadors! Speechless.....grateful.....empowered





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