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Now it's all about.......emotions

January 7, 2018



Today, it has been one of those days, where unexplained emotions have invaded my mind, body and soul like a zombie apocalypse. Emotions that have controlled and dominated virtually every moment of my day! Why? I have no idea, which makes it even more frustrating, plus it’s a Sunday! Can I ask, does this happen to you too?


So, it made me think about what are emotions are and can we really take control of them properly or do they control us? What emotion are you feeling right now? Yes, this minute, how does that emotion feel? According to Robert Plutchik’s theory there are eight basic emotions -joy, sadness, trust, disgust, fear, anger, surprise and anticipation - which he believed overlapped and bled into the next like hues on a colour wheel.


Now you are talking – I like this guy Plutchik, he’s talking my colourful language, so I would like to share a little bit more information.


Mr P (could be a relative) explained that the primary emotional "colours" can combine to form the secondary and complementary emotional "colours." For anyone who has had their one to one colour analysis with me will be recognising a pattern that sounds very, very familiar.

In terms of emotions for example, anticipation plus joy might combine to form optimism, while fear and surprise might together describe awe


So, in the style of Philomena Cunk from Charlie Brooker's News Wipe, I would like to explain more with the help of 6 seconds website:




Primary: The eight sectors are designed to indicate that there are eight primary emotion dimensions. They are anger, anticipation, joy, trust, fear, surprise, sadness and disgust, as mentioned before.


Intensity:  The cone’s vertical dimension represents intensity – emotions intensify as they move from the outside to the centre of the wheel. For example, a feeling of boredom can intensify to loathing if left unchecked. This is an important rule about emotions to be aware of in relationships: If left unchecked, emotions can intensify


Relations: Each circle sector has an opposite emotion. The opposite of sadness is joy, and the opposite of trust is disgust and so on…


The emotions with no colour represent an emotion that is a mix of the 2 primary emotions. For example, joy and trust combine to be love. Emotions are often complex, and being able to recognise when a feeling is actually a combination of two or more distinct feelings is a helpful skill. That is a basic guide for interpreting the emotion wheel created by psychologist Robert Plutchik.


So, the theory according to Miss P is that if you are seeing red, or feeling blue or even green with envy, the wheel of emotions is often here to challenge us. Can we control these emotions? Probably. Did I today? No, but I am feeling a lot better now I’ve written this blog about it. Self-awareness and knowing what makes you emotional  in my ‘brown' eyes is as important as knowing the colours that suit you best, and perhaps portray your sub conscious emotions, especially if like me, you are a mood dresser.


This all equates to what is highly recognised as one of our 3 main intelligences which form the triangle of IQ (intelligence Quotient) SQ (Spiritual Intelligence) and EQ (emotional intelligence)


Want to know how high you score in the EQ test? Are you an emotional genius?






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And finally, after an emotional day, for no apparent reason and in need of some R&R (Roast and Red) I wish my EQ family a wonderful week and look forward to seeing some of you in The White Lion this time next Sunday #cosy #preloved #mulledwine


Stay colourful




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Now it's all about.......emotions

January 7, 2018

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