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Now it's all about...the 'F' word

January 7, 2018




Ho, ho, ho not that type of  F word but the other F in my life and many other women’s lives, the one that rhymes with CAT, BAT and MAT. This festively fitting word that is synonymous to the build up towards Christmas as much as the birth of baby Jesus and frantic shopping sprees to buy the latest gadgets and gizmos.


Inspired by watching Graham Norton’s guests Dawn French (love her) and Rebel Wilson (bonkers and hilarious), I wondered about a recent conversation I’d had with a person about my concerns about being a curvy girl and being successful in my business and do people perceive me as being less able compared to my slimmer counterparts?? Ouch, yes, I know #awkward #vulnerable #honest


Dawn epitomises beauty, wit and a trail blazer for alternative female comedy that will stand the test of time and will always give me belly laughs 4EVA….(Her new book Me. You. A diary will be added to my ‘wish for’ list) @Dawn_French


Rebel just doesn’t give a damn and embraces her proportions and as the funniest character as Fat Amy in The Pitch Perfect Trilogy (can’t wait for No3) is loud, proud and stunning. @RebelWilson


Adele, well she’s not very popular eh? Not sold many albums or had any global success??


Me, well there is time for a spot of superstar status, but I feel only human and open to insecurities and vulnerability like everyone else and wanted to establish if I was alone in this thought process? Or do women just do this self-sabotaging when an external factor triggers the ‘F’ spot #magazines #socialmedia #comments



So, a question for you, have you ever felt that way before? Has anyone made YOU feel that way before? How do we learn ways to show ourselves self-compassion, care and love instead of the ‘F’ bomb feelings of self-loathing?





The journey I have had over the years of ‘ever changing size’ (which I will point out is a complete asset when you are styling/shopping/dressing fabulous women, when you have been every size, you know more about shape than anyone else) has opened my eyes to many behaviours, mindfulness to others and a sense of acceptance, but I can’t help wondering why as women, we think and say this F word frequently!?!





From now until Christmas if the ‘F’word rears its ugly head, from mine or anyone else’s lips within my close proximity, firstly I will challenge the word and secondly, I will donate a £1 to Crisis at Christmas and will encourage any other woman who mentions the following to do so, too:


F word phrases include:


1. Do I look F in this outfit?

2. My bum is too F in this dress

3. Can’t eat a mince pie or I’ll get F

4. I’m going to get so F over Christmas


You get the picture – we could be here a while if I continue. I am sure that any homeless person will be very grateful of a hot, delicious Christmas dinner and meals.


There is nothing sexier than knowing who you are, being confident and owning it as my previous blog Now it's all about... Owning it suggests 


I will take this moment of vulnerability to make me a stronger person, friend, Mum, coach and partner – beauty starts from within and grows, it needs nurturing, encouragement, guidance and appreciation to glow, glow and glow. I would urge all of you to stop before you say an F word and say something positive about yourself instead.


To answer my original concern, can being a curvy girl in business make someone less successful than my slimmer counterparts?  NO, absolutely not, but not believing in oneself will.


So, bearing this in mind I am starting each week with a  word for the forthcoming  week, which I have chosen to be 'compassion'. What will yours be? Do let me know, I'd love to hear from you 


Apart from F words, this week has been the last of Preloved Clothing (restarts 31.1.18 at The White Lion, Redhill) and the start of Vision Board Training and getting geared up for the New Year, new dreams, new directions and goals.


Vision Board Workshops are now ONLY available for January, as I am delighted to say I have a full house for this Tuesday 12th December, with lots of exciting tips, guidance, clearance and ‘Blue Peter’ style sticky stuff…plus Prosecco and merriment 😊

One to one’s or workshop style Vision Board Training are also available by arrangement


Bookings for January can be made by emailing  n the website www.nowitsallaboutme.co.uk


Christmas Gift Vouchers The gift of TIME


This Sunday morning I had my first official ‘coming downstairs and switching on the Xmas tree lights’ fuzzy festive moment  - something magical and deeply rewarding- definitely on my feel good factor list along with the ‘drinking Baileys and decorations day we had yesterday! Hic!





With a warm, cosy and generous spirit I have a special gift to share – a treat for YOU or a loved one  at Studio 36, Reigate

10 vouchers on offer – first come first serve – ONLY for my faithful BLOG readers – offer expires 17.12.17 please email info@nowitsallaboutme.co.uk



And finally, all of my services come with a free half hour consultation, please get in touch if you would like to make an appointment - if you are thinking about gift vouchers and would like something tailor made- give me a call and if  I can accommodate your requests, I'd be happy to do so. 


With lots of love




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