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Now it's all about....name days

January 14, 2018

I nearly spat out my cuppa tea when I heard about ‘National Quitters Day’, really!? Someone has actually calculated a day on which we all give up! Let alone Blue Monday, which I hasten to add is tomorrow the 15th January. These name days are just too depressing for words, so let’s have a change up!



 It’s official that I wish to rename Blue Monday to Mustard Monday, why not! Everyone is making stuff up I may as well jump on the bandwagon and get involved. Anyway mustard is my favourite colour, my nickname at one point in my life was Miss Mustard and it is also in ALL the shops and a hot tip for this season (again). The colour of the sun, it’s the most noticeable of ALL colours, it means happiness and optimism and has properties to induce high energy, enthusiasm and fun. Join me tomorrow with some mustard wearing Monday rebellion to blow away the Monday blues… I already have my new mustard sparkly jumper selected for this very occasion @MarksandSpencer #sale


Now we need to address the National Quitters Day – NO don’t go out and celebrate with a bottle of Fizz and nibbles, as you may well succeed in this status of being a Quitter, especially if you are on Dry January – (personally I am following the Ginuary groove thing) .  If you are anything like me (I sincerely hope not) I wouldn’t quit on a day that was earmarked by some greater being who may or may not researched and calculated this fact, or it may be an advertising ploy on behalf of Prosecco and Chocolate manufacturers worldwide. Come to think of it Blue Monday (or should I say Mustard Monday) could be a masterplan by all the airlines and travel consultants in the UK to encourage some bookings. Once again, I hearby rename this day ‘Don’t Give Up’ Day and sing along to the most beautiful and haunting song thanks to Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush – if you don’t know the tune You Tube it 😊




When I first thought about blogging on this subject and my slight frustration, I remembered my days living in Greece. Did you know that in Greece  each saint has his special feast day; on that day Greeks also celebrate their namedays, which is the feast day of the saint after which they are named. For instance, on Christmas you should wish Xronia Polla (many years or happy birthday) to a man named Christos or a woman named Christina, on January the 1st, you should wish to Vassilis and Vassiliki – today January 14th is Nina’s name day – for anyone out there called Nina. My name, Clare, is a tricky one. Let's take its French meaning, Light, translate that into Greek, which is Phos and their equivalent for a girl's name, Fotini – have a lost you already? Turns out I missed my name day, as it was on the 6th January – I lived in Greece for years and their name days were definitely bigger than the birthday celebrations- in fact some of the older Greeks didn’t know their birth date, just their name day celebrations. There you go, my cultural insight for the day and you are welcome! If you want to check out yours then go to https://www.greek-names.info/greek-name-days/


 The Greeks have a tradition and we have marketing and awareness raising, I really advocate the fact that Charities benefit from having a specific date in the diary to bring their work to the forefront of the public's mind and make a celebration from it. A huge amount of good has come from these dates and long may it last – once again with my curious nature and inner detective, I wondered what today was dedicated to….? Well you never guess what- take a moment before reading but this is true – today the 14th January 2018 is National STI day, what more can I say!  Launched to get people thinking about their sexual health and encourage more people to get regular sexual health checks.  The  date was chosen because many common STIs  can take two weeks to be detectable. If your festive season included unprotected sex then Happy STI day to you!.   


Some exciting news.....







I will be running the Vision Board Life Token session on the following date:


19th January 2018       10.30- 13.30 


**New Price ** Cost: £40pp inc Board reduced from £50, including materials and refreshments


Venue: Studio 36 –  Clarence Walk, Reigate, Surrey 

This 3-hour session will cover:


How a vision board works

Letting go of what maybe clouding your visions

The ‘Wheel of life’ to guide you to ideas and dreams

Positive language and techniques to making it happen

The cost of the board, materials, colour pens and glue etc

Light refreshments


 Oh and of course, you get ME, a tried and tested Vision Board junkie, with super powers, who can absolutely validate the magical properties of the board! Here are some testimonials for you:


Testimonials on recent vision board workshops


'The ambience, setting and materials were fantastic'

'It was great to set a time aside to sit and think about what I wanted to achieve in 2018 and to be guided through the visions'

'It really helped focus my mind'


Preloved is back and waiting to share.....

Here are a few gorgeous yummy things you can get your hands on soon 



Happy Mustard Monday and keep positive no matter what they say!!


Much love








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