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Now it's all about...Style

January 21, 2018

To style or not to style – that is the question? Well most of us mere mortals call it ‘getting dressed’ but if you were to ask yourself (or bravely ask a friend without bribery) what’s my style, what would it be?



When it comes to style, or what you fancy wearing that morning, apply the Magic Three Formula

1.Know your body shape 2. Know your style personality 3. Know your colours – combine those 3 things and you have a killer combination of who you are right here and right now.

Body shapes have been defined over the years by many fashionistas and  TV personalities like the one and only GOK @therealgokwan. Retailers like to encourage feelings of fabulousness, educating their customers, increasing sales and sharing advice and knowledge through Body Shapes.


Do you know your shape?

Apples, pears, full hourglass, neat hourglass, inverted triangle, lean, rectangular – in fact in one publication it quotes around 15 different body shapes, which just gets confusing, less is more folks!

People can often be a blend of two shapes, but knowing your shape is what we are talking about here.



This is explored, covered and coached in the Style Sessions that I run, so you know your body shape and get to know your style personality -this does change over the years with weight loss or gain, changing shape and different lifestyles and age – which I often see reflected in client’s wardrobes during a de-clutter…whether it's a one to one at Studio 36 or a Style party, If you want to know more then get in touch info@nowitsallaboutme.co.uk 



 Shapes and sizes 

Shapes and cut are important and not so much clothing size – this completely changes from store to store   – in fact take two identical garments, the same size from the same shop and you’ll often find that one will fit better than the other #massproduction


Love your shape- if you don’t – how is anyone else going to?


Love your style – if you don’t know your style then maybe its time for some help?


Love your underwear! The key to fabulous dressing is fabulous support – my favourite place is

All About You – nope we are not related – only in a soul sister kind of way http://www.allaboutyoureigate.co.uk/

The best underwear fitter in Surrey – go see Jules, the loveliest and knowledgeable lady in town




Style personalities

In a world where we have so many personality testing websites and career personality definitions, surely there should be some style personality in there somewhere – here are my STYLED types

Style personality groups -


Sassy                                                          Think Kate Moss,  The Kardashians  

Timeless                                                   Think Kate Middleton , Grace Kelly 

Yummy mummy                                   Think Kate Winslet or Zoe Ball

Lovingly romantic                                Think Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham

Elegant                                                     Think Coco Channel,  Audrey Hepburn 

Dramatic                                                  Think Lady Gaga, Katy Perry


If you are interested, then Style Personality is also covered in my Style Sessions – only a few more vouchers and booking to go before my offer expires as part of my 'Giving back' campaign for 2018

click here for details


Colour and Style was £140 now £50……



Clare's Top Tips

The biggest compliment I receive when styling, colouring or shopping is that I am a REAL woman supporting other REAL women - with my coaching background, love of people and years’ worth of knowledge and absolute love of all that glitters, I am happy to colour,style, shop and most importantly, LISTEN!


Friends joke with me and say I have inbuilt ‘find a bargain’ radar attached to my head. 

I can go into TK Maxx and not only leave in one piece but also leave with at least a handful of goodies! Now how many people can say that? It probably brings out the ‘love a challenge’ shop in me. Don’t get me wrong I am happy to take people shopping wherever they like, plus my recommendations, however I always find the right styles and colours to suit you and keeping it to budget.

Take a look  at my style tips guide especially for you Style tips



Now it’s all about ME

An interview about my style as a real woman for REAL woMEn


Clare, can you explain your style?

I feel that my style reflects my personality, it’s a little bit sassy and dramatic but with some yummy mummy pieces too, I probably don’t fit in just one box, but a blend of a few, let’s call it Clare’s Style.

Classic tailoring doesn't suit me or my shape, but I really admire it on others. I love colour, that’s my passion and I have embraced my body changes and lifestyle over the years, to reflect who I really am.


You mentioned your love of colour, so what is your favourite?

Yellow and all shades too, from Mustard to Primrose not only does it make me happy, but it puts a smile on other peoples faces too 😊 least favourite would be Black or Grey – Black I wore to death (excuse the pun) in the 80’s and grey was the colour of my school uniform- there are so many lovely colours out there-why chose grey? On a grey day? In a country that can be grey, often!? 


I know you love de-cluttering, but what would I find in your wardrobe?

It is organised, I do spend around an hour every week going through and making sure its in order. It is colour coordinated, from the shortest items at the front to long dresses to the back – so it looks neat too. Knitwear, trousers and skirts are all folded and anything I don’t wear on a regular basis, is packed away. My wardrobe works for me and my lifestyle and I love being able to do this for other people with my de-cluttering service- there’s so much to gain mentally as well as physically!  When I de-cluttered an entire wardrobe from my bedroom I felt I could breathe again, my clients often message me to say how well they're sleeping too, so it has magic powers!


Who is your style crush?

Can I have two?

My first would be Holly Willoughby @hollywills she’s curvy, feminine and always wears beautiful colours (another fan of the yellow) it captures her personality perfectly and her shape.

My second would be Emma Willis @emmawillis she’s so elegant and sophisticated, she is also the opposite colouring to me, so everything she wears I know wouldn’t suit me, but really admire her.

Does that make sense?


What are your best shopping tips?

If you are shopping for fun, with no agenda, then have fun. Click here for a copy of  my Top 10 Tips





“Never use the word “cheap”. Today everybody can look chic in inexpensive clothes (the rich buy them too). There is good clothing design on every level today. You can be the chicest thing in the world in a T-shirt and jeans — it’s up to you.” 
― Karl Lagerfeld








And finally

If you or anyone you know would like to join The Life Leap Club - which is part of my Ambassador role at Psychologies Magazine then get in touch, first meeting date is soon - got so much on offer and so much to talk about visit  https://www.psychologies.co.uk/Life-Leap-Club-Subscribers

If you are a fan of the magazine you will LOVE this, you don't need to have a subscription, but there is a super, smashing special offer on at the moment if you wanted to try it out?


Have a great week ahead

Lots of love





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