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I'm not invisible, or dead, I am a 40 plusser

February 11, 2018




A 40+ woman's take on modern day lifestyle. Championing the fact that at this 40 + age that we are more alive than ever! This week it's all about 'The Weekend Away' 40 plusser guide to fun!




Kerching…that was the sound of the weekend away in Bath as we racked up bargain purchases, Coconut Mojitos, Gin, coffee top ups and spa treatments. Things the 40 plussers love doing-escaping away together for an annual trip somewhere that sleeps 10, that isn’t a hen weekend, with no interest in male strippers and preferring comfort low heeled shoes to aid whisking round the shops than anything too high or too likely to twist an ankle.


Here are my top 10 tips to having a fab 40 plusser weekend away compared to our youthful, younger counterparts

  1. Ban ALL talk about the kids

So, it’s totally obvs to all, that we love our children, we’ve done the sleepless nights, nappies, choosing schools, or not choosing schools, returning to work, suffering from guilt, being judged for working and wonder womaning it (new phrase not sure it works), ironing uniforms, reading bedtime stories, cuddles, comfort and unconditional love. But for ONE weekend, let’s just NOT talk about our lovelies and reconnect with the adult world, like we used to.



2. A Kitty is a girl’s best friend


The real reason we’re dressed in flats isn’t to do with comfort but to assist with running to the nearest bar once arrived- difference is, we don’t stay there until 4am, but order a bottle of Gavi, a couple of Peroni’s, a jug of water and 10 glasses (one drink one water, oh so sensible) and start the KITTY. This magical art of avoiding the ‘I’m not getting stitched up buying a round for 10’ instead embracing the share fairly.


3. Remember ‘laugh with caution’ -especially if you’ve had kids


Going away for a weekend reminds you that you can crack jokes, swear a bit and have a sense of humour-who’d have thought! Pack the Tenner lady and prepare to guff, laugh and cackle at any phallic shaped building, double entendres and crazy one liners. Three of our friends are still in therapy after last years weekend away to ‘Creepy Cottage’. We decided to hide in the house (we are talking rocking horse, doll’s house and spooky pictures of dolls and clowns) turns out scaring the b’jesus out of our besties can backfire! Arrrhhhhhhh -#whenajokegoestoofar



 Photos are originals from Creepy Cottage 2017


4. Don’t book a house with 5 levels and 200 stairs


Yes, note to self, avoid unnecessary extra stairs (although great for the step count) our luxurious, in the heart of Bath, Edwardian Home turned into slipped disc danger, twisted ankle hell and dicing with death at every move! Good job for those Converse! Looked lovely on the website we even had a Fire Safety talk and designated Fire Warden for each floor, now that’s what I call grown up #highviz



5. Ditch the car and go by train


How we hated the daily commute, crowded public transport, dirty old men poking their umbrellas into your back on the Tube and standing all the way from London to the lovely suburb bliss since popping out sprogs. With new local job, without commute (my downstairs studio) suddenly catching a train seems a novelty and even enjoyable. The faint smell of body odours, left over kebab wrapping paper and grubby seats now have a ‘vintage’ appeal.

Taking in the views, chatting over a takeout coffee and working out if we could really get the connection in Reading and make it on time #yeswedid



6. Give the spare keys to ‘the sensible one’


Like the mighty SATC where each sassy gal had their own label ‘Charlotte’ the prudish one, ‘Carrie’ the fashionista, ‘Samantha’ the Panther and ‘Miranda’ the Ginge, we all have our own characteristics. It was with greatest comedy value that a 3am ‘doorbell ding dong gate’ resulted in a ball of confusion. The following day, when the poor person who answered the door, told me about ‘dingdong gate’ I pmsl and replied, ‘but I gave her the key’. Oh yes, early memory loss 40 plusser, mixed with some Fizz, shots and a late night




7. Research places to eat with dietary requirements including pescatarian, flexitarian, gluten free and seafood allergies


Did we really have these issues when we were younger? I think we just ate? Vegetarianism was for the few and people thought you were slightly bonkers (until mad cow’s disease) gluten free was unheard of and as for flexitarians, wasn’t that a sexual position you couldn’t even contemplate getting into now!


8. Do your own thing


The beauty of a city break, with spare keys, a key safe, central location and grownups is that you can all go do your own thing and then arrange on WhatsApp a meeting place for a rendezvous-genius! Some went shopping, spa-ing, coffee-ing and lounging around the mighty stepped house. Something for everyone gone are the days of having to stick to your mates like glue to avoid offending or fomo




9. Play a game of ‘naughty’ scrabble


Part of the ‘not giving a S#@t’ mentality that maturity brings is that you can act immaturely, in public. As a fan of embracing the inner child, I am usually the first to suggest something slightly naughty. So, picture the scene, lovely cosy place, log fires, roast dinner on the menu and a Sunday afternoon pubtastic treat, seated next to the board games! Well it would have been rude not too, before phones were invented this is what we did to pass the time from ordering food to it arriving! This time though we reverted to teenagers and filled the board with mischievous words by ill-behaved ladies -who is Rentatart Brenda?





10. Take the Monday off and stay an extra day


Ten became six by Monday as we had to wave goodbye to our 4 plussers, who all had jobs that are impossible to take a school day off, leaving the house of stairs to a night of cheese and crackers, olives and dips, red wine and a DVD binge watch (no Netflix here) with PJs and slippers on it was the perfect way to end a wonderful weekend. No Sunday Blues dramas, packed lunch making, uniform ironing, list writing, just cheese, wine and Love Actually


 And yes,they are ALL my bargains..on a rail #myownpersonalshopperthistime


These are my top tips, what are yours? I have left out the inappropriate cougar perving at younger male barman, waiters, bar owners, shop assistants, managers, restaurant owners and random clubbers – because of course, that never happened


Stay colourful my friends and if this has made you giggle, chortle or completly relate to this blog, please share and comment-that would be bloggingly fantastic.


Big love and wrinkles





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