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I am not invisible or dead, I am a 40 plusser

February 25, 2018

A 40+ woman's take on modern day lifestyle, championing the fact that at this 40+ age we are more alive than ever! This week it's all about busy-ness,  boards of vision and bargains! I am asking the question 'Is busy the new black?'


Are we addicted to BUSY-NESS?


Look that's me in the picture, looking a bit mean and moody, or am I just frazzled from being busy?

Years ago, when I gave that look it was deemed as sultry, now I just looked hacked off...perhaps I am!?!


For months now, I have been observing, taking mental notes and coming to a realisation that there is a new addiction on the block and it's called BUSY-NESS


Are you addicted to being busy? Would you prefer to fill your diary with 'things to do' and 'chores to be done' and 'people to drink coffee/prosecco with' rather than have a day of....nothing? 


So, here I am, a 40 plusser, who is trying to avoid using the phrase when I introduce myself as a 'busy Mum of two....' like it is a trophy or a modern-day status symbol.


Picture the scene 


"Hi, how are you, haven't seen you for ages" 




"Yeah, know that feeling"


"Must dash"


"Me too, bring on wine o'clock"



Sound familiar??? Or do people do that to me as a way of avoiding engaging in a conversation! Conversation, what's one of them? I prefer to text - Lol



When did BUSY get to be so important? Is it a necesary requirement  for day to day living? Is it our intrinsic desire to be people pleasing or are we scared to death of what will happen if we stopped? 


Ouch! It's a bit painful to think, so let's return to some funny anecdotes - it might help if you read my earlier blog about not-juggling  


The theory according to Clare is that there are different 'busy' personality types, which I have completely fabricated and manufactured for cheap laughs and an attempt to comprehend this new and modern-day concern -after all, aren’t we all croaking it with strokes and heart attacks in this 40 plusser age group #worried #bothered #tooearlytodie. We won’t be busy then!!




So what's your BSD personality type? Which one of the below best describes you?


                                                      THE LISTER 

                                                        1. Writes lists , speaks lists and lives for lists

                                                        2. Says 'Yes' to everything, then adds it to a list

                                                        3. Never replies to texts, posts, messages or

                                                            WhatsApp as just 'too busy'


                                                     THE OSTRICH

                                                      1. The ultimate multi-tasker -even they don't know

                                                           how busy they are, as they are too busy to realise
                                                      2. Spins more plates than a Greek waiter smashes them

                                                      3. Sticks their head in the sand when it's all too much


                                              THE TALKER


                                                        1. Talk about how busy they are 'I am too busy

                                                             to tell people how busy I am'

                                                       2. Want you to be busy too, so you can talk busy togther,

                                                     busy is the new 'black' right?!

                                                       3. Complains about having no time but has time to talk,

                                                            post and blog about it


                                         THE LAZY BUSY PERSON

                                                      1. Tends to look really busy to avoid being

                                                           delegated tasks or asked favours

                                                      2. When genuinely busy, genuinely hates it

                                                      3. Would rather be a cat than a person


If you are addicted to busy-ness or didn't know you were until you read this blog- life coaching could really help and support you -all jokes aside - it's a powerful thing and something I can highly recommend and it just so happens that this is what I can offer for the  Coach Me Service

I am never surprised at how overwhelmed the majority of my clients feel and how it affects not only their lives but their family, circle of friends and work colleagues. Too many frazzled folks out there, doing it solo. Now is the time to look at what support is the right support for YOU and filter out the unimportant stuff and declutter your life. Free telephone consultations are here for you - to arrange one simply email info@nowitsallaboutme.co.uk  




A vision board is for life and not just for the New Year, so I was delighted to be asked to give a presentation on 'Vision Boards for Business' by The Oxted Networking Group 


Here I am, with some shameless self promotion on behalf of Psychologies magazine #ambassador.

I have a lot to thank  Psychologies magazine for, mainly the much-needed inspiration at a time in my 'midlife' when I thought my world had fallen apart. I turned a page and out leapt my business idea. The rest as they say, is history.


In January 2017 a featured article about Vision Boards motivated me to create one for ME. The end result was so powerful and inspiring that, with a bit more research, reading, sticking, glueing and glittering, I started to offer Vision Board Training as part of my  repertoire.


 Always happy to offer one to one sessions for Boarding or talks and demos too. Check out my info on Vision Boards


 How we laughed when we spoke about phrases that go over others people's heads (mainly our children) as I pointed to the then empty board next to the completed board and uttered that 40 plusser significant phrase 'and here's one I made earlier' Blue Peter STYLE


Got any other 40 plusser significant phrases that I can add to my next blog? In a Multi Coloured Swap Shop way...don't send in by postcard but you can always email me some classics info@nowitsallaboutme.co.uk   

 or Call ME 07904 332 339 cos 'it's good to talk'...see what I did there!

or use the comments box below




BARGAINS AND PRELOVED - next event Wednesday 28th February 2018 at The White Lion, Redhill 


For the Love of Preloved - these small and personal events have been designed with YOU in mind, to offer an evening out, low key & friendly with a chance to grab a Gin and NOT be BUSY! No heaving crowds or cat fighting bargain hunters, just keeping it real.


Have you attended one of my events? Had a visit to Studio 36? I would really appreciate it if you could leave a review. I have revamped my Facebook Preloved page and I am hoping for world domination....failing that just a few more likes and reviews to start with! 

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A brief Preloved Vlog about how Preloved Clothing Surrey was born








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DATES                                                           VENUES                      

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7th MARCH 7.30-10.30PM                                        THE OLD OAK, MEADVALE

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Would love to see you there....


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Stay colourful my friends







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