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I am not invisible or dead, I am a 40 plusser

March 4, 2018

A 40+ woman's take on modern day lifestyle, championing the fact that at this 40+ age we are more alive than ever! This week I am avoiding the 'S' word, as it has all melted AWAY.  Instead I have turned my attention to a very important matter, Mother's Day!


I’m not dead or invisible I am a 40 plusser and I am also a Mother, which entitles me to bleat on endlessly about Mother’s Day, gifts, my ‘babies’ and slushy sentiments…or not!!!!


Mother’s Day

What do Mother’s really want?


Did anyone watch Family Fortunes, when the computer generated a grunting noise for NO and a light ping sound for a correct answer! The thing was there was no ‘correct’ answer, unlike real quiz shows, with definitive truthful, spot on and exact answers. This show was based on ‘a survey of 100 people’ namely the public, who occasionally came up with some hilarious replies, as did the Z list contestants.


Luckily for you (no I haven’t employed Les Dennis) I conducted a survey on Saturday and asked the question ‘What do Mother’s really want for Mother’s Day?’. Thanks to my lovely Mors and Redhill and Reigate Parent Network Facebook Group for being so responsive!


As CEO’s of the family or MD’s of the mob, here are our findings. Which MD are you?  


                                                                          1. The ‘Time Off’' MD



A day that is free from:


  • Chores

  • Arguing children

  • Cooking

  • Cleaning

  • Picking up socks & pants off the floor

This sounds so appealing all supermarkets should add this to their ‘free from’ ranges. I most definitely have allergic reactions to all the above -good choices!



                                                             2.The ‘I just want a nice long bath’ MD



The day that is promising:


  • Bubbles

  • Relaxation and stress-free time out

  • Candles

  • Soft music

  • Uninterrupted time ‘no you can’t climb in’!!!

One of my personal favourites, a good old soak at the end of the day when you can think clearly or not at all.



                                                         3. The ‘Frazzled and sleep deprived’ MD


Remember what a lie in feels like? A night of solid sleep without waking? No? Then this one is for you


  • Sleep

  • Someone else to tend to the night time interruptions

  • Sleep, but more of it

  • Lie in

  • Breakfast in bed

I hate to say it, but by the time your ‘lovelies’ start sleeping in, this usually coincides with changing hormones that wake you up in the night to A). Pee B). Sweat C). Itch #itshardbeingawoman




                                                              4. The ‘floral and chocolatey’ MD




Spring is in the air and this means ‘daffs’ – our wonderful yellow flower full of happiness and sunshine, top that off with a bar of chocolate and you are living the dream


  • Flowers - minus the rubber gloves!

  • Chocolate (although secretly wanting your favourite so you know that they DO listen)

  • Hand picked in a bunch (as long as they are not from the neighbour’s garden)

  • Chocolate in the shape of a handbag or shoes (or is that just me)?

  • Edible chocolate flowers and get double brownie points!

Stop it, you are making me hungry! Cooked meals also scored highly too.



                5. The ‘learnt to have a really good sense of humour since becoming a Mum’ MD



One which appeals to my sense of ‘inner child’ and thanks for providing such a wide array of things I can now add to my MD mental wish list

  • A night away on my own in a hotel

  • Gin/cherry Lambrini/Prosecco

  • Tom Hardy/Channing Tatum

  • Body weight in chocolate and Gin

  • My husband to remember (although I am not sure that was a joke)?


Thanks for the witty replies and yes please to all of the above


And from ALL  your replies, one from every great Mother


                                                                           The ‘handmade card’ MD



I appreciate that the card market needs to make its money, but on MD there is nothing better than a hand-made, with love, Mother’s Day Card – spelling mistakes are welcome and a zillion kisses are mandatory



And not forgetting HUGS


Thank you all so much for making me smile with your comments, posts and messages. May we all have a wonderful day, we are all amazing, caring and resilient.


If you missed last weeks blog about 'Are we addicted to busyness' this may be relevant to how you are feeling 


MY thoughts


Truthfully, every year I feel tinged with sadness that my sweet, kind and very loving Mum is no longer here. Every year I avoid the Mother’s Day card section, delete emails promoting ‘the perfect gift’ and ignore the fact that next Sunday will be another reminder of what has gone  


Bring the wet fish out again, quick slap round the face and onto a less morbid viewpoint. Every cloud does have a silver lining, with my two growing lads who look up to me, in the knowledge that I am their Mother, the very visible, very undead (sounds a tad zombie like) MUM. Their Mum and one they are

A). slightly embarrassed of  B) cringe at my terrible jokes C). don’t ever want to leave home because of my home cooked grub. D) Love me loads and show me with kind acts of  forgetfulness! 


However, as a now business owner, I do have to rethink my ‘in denial’ strategy and embrace the fact that there are lots of lovely Mums, daughters and sons very much alive and kicking. Now we have the beauty of extended ‘blended’ families (always reminds me of liquidisers) step mums, step daughters & sons,  mother – in – laws and the cute and fluffy, first year of being a Mum.  With that thought in mind I know I am ridiculously late with any promotion for celebrating and acknowledging Motherhood. I apologise however, if you are ridiculously late in organising the ‘perfect’ gift, then do look at what is on offer-or show your SO this BLOG 


This is the bit when you click on the link below


Mother’s Day gifts


Although after all your feedback, not sure you’ll need it, a hot bath, lie in and a happy family with a home-made card will do the trick! I have created the ultimate gift for you, which is completely FREE


Another quick click on the link below and this one is printable


Mother's Day FREE gift voucher


Failing all that, come along to my preloved event at The Old Oak, Meadvale on Wednesday 7th March and treat YOURSELF with a bargain. Here are the details 


Thank you for reading my 'I am not invisible or dead, I am a 40 plusser' blog. If this has made you laugh/cry/chuckle/sob then please share follow and subscribe to my blogs and e letters at 



No blog from me next Sunday 11th March, as I am taking a ‘day off’ to  do ‘all of the above’


Stay colourful my friends


Lots of love





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