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I am not invisble, or dead, I am a 40 plusser

March 25, 2018



A 40+ woman's take on modern day lifestyle, championing the fact that at this 40+ age we are more alive than ever! Last week was the story about Mr B’s Emporium Book Shop and the very wonderful book about WDGUDAD here’s the link in case you missed it Click Here We had a variety of different professions that made my Poptastic Top 5 – but, what do 40 plussers do all day?


Here are a few of my quirky takes on a few ‘professions' we may be guilty of…..in reverse order!




5. The Dietician 

Do you cry at the thought of getting on the scales, especially on a Monday? Avoid any eye contact with a device that can work out your BMI at a glance. Motivation Monday feels more like Massacre my Muscles Monday after a Zumba class #MMMM. Wonder if gluten free cake is also calorie free?




4. The Medical Professional

At this fine age we have mastered the art of ‘Doctor Google’. This does give us the qualification to diagnose and treat. Failing that, post a picture of a limb or lumpy head onto a local Parent networking site and let other people play ‘Doctors’ for you. Medicate accordingly. Anyway GP’s are too busy, so we are doing them ALL a favour. What could possibly go wrong?




3. The Holistic Guru

I am menopausal so therefore I will holistify (I’m so proud of my made-up words) my mind, body and soul with holistic therapies. Once I have practised every treatment my menopause will be gone. No sweats. No moods. No brain fog. No erratic behaviour. No threats of murder. No dry body parts. No varifocal vision. It’s a bloody miracle. So, this works. In fantasy land and my dreams. The treatments are, and all were, amazing. Now I am menopausal PLUS going into financial ruin. But I’m worth it *flicks hair*



 2.  The Chef

Remember when grabbing random items of food out of the kitchen cupboard was fun and exciting? ‘Mmm what tasty treats can I magic up today?’ The thrill of blending, pulping & mashing your toddlers first mouthfuls. Endless recipe swaps and DMCs with your NCT friends about food. Normally a blow by blow account. Fast forward a few years and BOOM-why goodbye novelty value and hello ‘Isn’t anyone else capable of even making toast in this household’? The chef is now bored. Bored of cooking. Bored of conjuring. Bored of 50 ways to make minced beef to last a week. Bored of batch cooking. Bored of not drinking wine whilst cooking. That used to be so much fun #hic




1. The Life Coach

My favourite of the bunch. Why? Not only because the certificate on my studio wall tells me so, but because of years’ worth of experience. Experimenting. Travelling. Raising a family. Dealing with boys (both GU and young ones). Career changes. Bereavements. Financial worries. Relocations. Parenting. Losing parents. Health scares. Operations. Education. Redundancies. Body changes. Life style changes whether I wanted them or not.

Sound familiar? Been through this? And some?





The beauty about taking time out for you to explore who you really are is unbelievably valuable. Now. Here. Today.


Life coaching is the most liberating experience. You are already nearly there with the experience you have already gained in your life. Working together with someone else can guide you through who you are now and where you want to go next. With reflection of what has passed and visualisation to what ‘could’ be. ‘A happy ME’ I hear you cry.


That could mean change in career or start of a career. It could mean the opportunity to go learn something new. Perhaps the first time since leaving school. If that wasn’t a pleasant experience, let me tell you it is so much better returning to learning as an adult. A relationship that is tired and dated in need to be reinvigorated or for the chop. A bank balance that is deflated and in need of TLC. 


I think you will be surprised how much this ‘life coaching’ malarkey could be just the thing for you. If you are curious and would like to discover more, get in touch and we can arrange a free consultation, no obligation, just a talk  info@nowitsallaboutme.co.uk


I also support many women with their image and new looks plus support with letting go of old ones. Shopping for new styles to empower confidence and positive body image. Restyling wardrobes. Saying goodbye to what used to be and welcoming change****SCREECH*** yes, I said ‘change’. Inquisitive on how it works? I’m here my gorgeous GAL, what are you waiting for? info@nowitsallaboutme.co.uk



THE AFTER SHOTS                        COLOUR CODING                         CAPSULE


I am getting booked out – a few spare appointments in April and then nothing until after 8th May 


Interested in a decluttering/styling session? Help with outfits and item suggestions as well as a 'go-to and can find' wardrobe. Take a look at my website www.nowitsallaboutme.co.uk or  Email now to arrange a tel consultation, no obs, just a friendly chat - info@nowitsallaboutme.co.uk 



More Pre-Loved Parties are being booked so let the clothes come to you! This really is my fun part of the job-I even did a ‘gig’ at a local Care Home this week for an Easter Egg Hunt Family Day-it was blooming marvellous. What a privilege to dress and style some fab-u-lous octogenarians. I tell you what, I’m hooked and will do that again! Come on girls, we are not invisible no matter what age.




What’s been happening in the Now it’s all about ME week?


    Hamilton - The BEST                     Happy Client -The JACKET            Networking - The SHARING

Well, it’s been magical, it included our son’s birthday. Awwww – cute and 15 (he’ll kill me). A long family lunch Greek style (whilst watching the snow fall). A trip to London town to see HAMILTON – (LOVE). Decluttering and restyling wardrobes sessions, two fabulous networking events, a chance meeting with an old ‘counselling course’ friend,  BUCKETS of coffee, not enough wine and an amazing parents evening. Phew!


And finally



 If you are FREE on Wednesday the 28th March at The White Lion Redhill  7.30pm for some preloved pleasures, my last at this pub as parties are my new ‘thang’. Would love to see you, it will nearly be Easter weekend, so let’s start early. Come on down for your Preloved Purchases and Gin 


Lots of love and Easter chocolate bunnies to you all