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The man who loved life

August 27, 2018







My partner’s work colleague Eddy was recently killed in a tragic road accident. All his co-workers were deeply saddened by his untimely death. My SO described him as ‘a remarkable man, with a zest for life and a passion for living’ - even more heart-breaking that his life was stolen from him leaving behind his wife and young son.


Eddy was buried on Friday 10th August 2018, and at his funeral everyone was given these beautiful cards with Eddy’s take on how to live life – the Eddy way.


Titled ‘What would Eddy do’ the card listed 16 actions-on reading this I was so touched and moved by the simple but powerful suggestions I asked my partner if I could share.


Would Eddy have wanted his story told? Hell yeah!


Please take a moment to not only read but absorb the information and paint a picture in your mind of a man called Eddy 


1. Try vegan! Research how good it can be for your health AND the planet.


2. Make something you have never made before (a shelf, vegetable patch).


3. Try a new sport or hobby, don’t wait until you have more time.


4. Don’t let your body get injured. Do some basic yoga stretches before bed, learn about your body


5. Stop throwing things out! Research how to fix them or find a new use for them. You really can replace that phone screen yourself.


6. Leave the car at home. Cycle, run, walk, roller skate, canoe – get some air.


7. Don’t waste food. Buy what you need and use up everything.


8. Try a 5k parkrun on a Saturday morning!


9. Get in the water whenever you can.


10. Get good at Scrabble! The key to success is memorising the two letter words in the Scrabble dictionary.


11. Love each other - tell each other as many times a day as you can


12. Get down and play with your children - tidying up can wait.


13. Let the outdoors be your playground


14. Be curious…..find how things are made or how they work


15. Find the fun in things, there’s always fun in life


16. Recycle and do it properly and ….it’s never too late to learn an instrument.





We’ve  read the ‘wishes of the dying’ from palliative care nurses, when the older generation reflect on their life and wish they’d laughed more, worked less and spent more time with loved ones-but this is not a dying wish this is a young man whose life was robbed from him and he lived his life by these rules.


We can all learn from Eddy.




And lastly, here are some beautiful words from his wife:


‘Eddy only got two years with our son, but because he was able to work from home four days a week, he spent the most precious time with him.  He loved the variety of ways he could get our son to nursery and they shared the best of times spotting various river life along the way and greeting regular dog walkers. They used to stop and kiss at every kissing gate, a nice tradition I can continue. Thank you for making that possible. 


We had created a perfect life for ourselves on the river. At the moment there is little joy in it, but I am hoping one day there will be.


I want you to know Eddy went off to work really happy that Thursday.’ 


Our love and thoughts go out to Eddy’s family, keep his memory alive by sharing his ‘wishes of the living’.


Stay colourful







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