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There's no need to be lonely

September 30, 2018


 This week The Guardian published an article that rocked my world –‘it can’t be true’, I cried as I read the title ‘Loneliness among over 50s is a looming public health concern’. WHAT? Now this is an age group I know all about – my 40 plussers – my age – I am not lonely, but I know what it feels like, which made me slightly anxious (like we need anymore anxiety in our lives)  



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Now, back to the article:


Soaring numbers of over-50s in England will suffer from loneliness in the coming years because of widowhood, ill-health and money problems, according to new analysis.


More than two million people of that age will be lonely by 2025-26, a 49% increase on 2015-16, according to projections by Age UK.


“For too many people, loneliness is their reality all year round. They are often less able to look after themselves, which can make existing health conditions worse, and are more likely to become reliant on public services sooner.”




For the full article of doom and gloom see https://bit.ly/2DAVxkf



I know maths was never my strong point at school, but I think these figures speak for themselves. Our age group is increasing and with that brings a variety of challenges (as well as choices). I chose NOT to be lonely. I read in Woman and Home magazine last month @womanandhome that by 2020 50% of the population will be over 50 – that’s a lot of 50s


What do we think of this report? Scare mongering? Dull statistics with an evil twist for 40/50 plussers? Worrying? Do we not believe the hype or fully embrace the future possibilities and start changing this ‘projection’ now?

One of the many reasons why I started my blog ‘I am not invisible or dead, I am a 40 plusser’ just got the validation.

We need our connections, belonging, someone to talk to and knowing it’s going to be OK. 


However, on googling ‘Lonely’ this popped up *close your eyes*




  1. 1. sad because one has no friends or company.

"lonely old people whose families do not care for them"




We can prevent this if we are aware that this could potentially be an issue!


But what word is the opposite of lonely? Any ideas? At first thought you’d be tempted to say love, but you can love someone and still be lonely, so I scrapped that idea. Then I started thinking about all the things associated with lonely – no please don’t stop reading, this will cheer up I promise – I don’t want you to feel blue….





Now that’s more like it – relatable colour connections – always my bag (got a few of those, too). OK, so most ‘normal’ people don’t often have a colour wheel knocking about in their close proximity, but ‘norm’ left ME a long time ago and hey presto, within in a heartbeat I am checking my Plutchicks Wheel of Emotion’ chart for the opposite of BLUE, which is:





A vibrant, glowing colour that autumn embraces and if you are dressed in it – like I am today – you may get a few smiles (if you have yellow undertones that is, otherwise it looks shocking #halloween)


In between the colour petals orange & yellow sits OPTIMISM. 

This is what I am feeling right now – optimistic that we will grow into Orange people and not BLUE ones!










Let’s go for these three to turn that frown upside down and shout ‘I am not invisible, or dead, I am a 40 plusser’ who is highly likely to be a 50 plusser by 2020+.


In a synchronicity moment of mindfulness, this morning I received an email from my fellow ambassador at Psychologies Sophie Walker, who is the owner of Attentive Art (Attentive/vigilant = both similar). In her blog she writes about facing her fear and pushing through to the other side. She has created a Mindful Mood Manager, which combines colouring in, mindfulness and journalling – three of my favourite things!


I decided to take on her October challenge and downloaded the PDF through the link – a complete bargain at £1.20. I had been staring at Plutchick’s Wheel of Emotion from her PDF when writing this blog (yes I know I promote mono tasking, but this was a side glance and not multi-tasking in any shape or form).


Feeling frustrated with NOT being able to find the opposite of  ‘Lonely’

(as where there is a Ying there is also a Yang) – I stumbled across the BLUE emotion and went from there!






Thank you, Mr Jung


It also delights ME to say that my colour analysis both one to one and online are on offer for the month of October to celebrate my 2nd Birthday


25% OFF (gift vouchers available too)


Fancy a little shop? Then please take a peak here 






Stay colourful my ORANGE people






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