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Five reasons why I love Reflexology

October 14, 2018

A heavenly 40 plusser  treatment – known to help with a multitude of ailments, including stress, anxiety, insomnia, infertility, menopause, moods and an array of physical, mental and spiritual imbalances. Of course, as a midlifer, these ailments sound all too familiar – well they do to ME and many of my gorgeous blog reading 40 plussers.



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Now back to the article:


Five reasons why I love Reflexology



Who doesn’t like a pamper? Why don’t we indulge more time to pampering? Or do we? In an age when we are now preferring to spend more time and money on well-being and experiences rather than material objects, I thought it would be only fair to ‘take one for the team’ and try out a few experiences. At the end of the article I will be announcing my BIG reveal….eeks!


Your very own 40 plusser fixer and rather lovely market research experience.


What treatments work for you? Reflexology? Massage? Early bedtime?


In the spotlight this week is Sarah Gordon from Sarah Gordon Holistic Therapies. I will tell you a little bit more about the very lovely Sarah in a bit - here’s her therapy room below!



First my five reasons to love Reflexology and what it is all about



1. It’s ancient (older then ME) tried and tested for years


It has been around for years - 5,000 years – now that makes me feel youthful.

This ancient therapy is based on the discovery that points on your feet and hands relate to different parts of your body. Energy travels along internal pathways from your feet to all these corresponding body parts.


The stresses and strains of daily life (we all know about those) cause congestion, inflammation and tension, which block the natural flow of energy.


This results in disharmony and imbalance, which affects the body’s normal functioning and ‘may’ lead to illness – which is something a life coach works on too but in an entirely different way. Blending the mind, body and soul with therapies, treatments and coaching is one HUGE life enhancing experience.



2. Newsflash – I trained as a reflexologist back in the 90s



I bet you didn’t know that one! I studied my Anatomy and Physiology and treated many people. I loved it.

I had a little room in my old flat and also provided mobile treatments for my fellow colleagues in their offices – to de-stress, unwind and relax – even the Managing Director was hooked. I found out about it when I worked on the ‘ships’ (as did Sarah as I found out) and thought it was the best treatment in the world. I completely appreciate the hard work, training and spiritual energy reflexologists give in their treatments and NO it is not just a foot massage!


3. It is not ticklish - nor is it a foot massage



I am a complete nightmare when it comes to tickling – yes, I am the annoying one doubled up in laughter even before anyone tries to attempt to ‘tickle’ me  – but this is NOT ticklish in any shape or form. It is firm, you physically know when a therapist is working on an area that may be out of balance, but it is not a ticklish sensation. For me, more crunchy!?


Even better, is that I unofficially trained my SO on how to work the areas in my feet – Now it’s all about my feet. Needless to say, he doesn’t like the treatment, but with a bit of persuasion I can often be seen, lying on the sofa, feet on his lap (if the cat hasn’t got there first) asking ‘sweetly’ for a foot fix! Sounds a bit kinky, but it really isn’t.  



4. The stress buster and all-round chill out experience


Reflexology balances the nervous system – Stress is something us 40 plussers know about- right? I shall refrain from listing the multitude of stress triggers as there is not enough space in this article. The main benefit of Reflexology is relieving stress and tension, which is “the cause of over 75% of our ill health ills,” says Byers, the nephew of Eunice Ingham (mother of the Reflexology modality we know today).


If you suffer from migraines and muscle spasms to back, shoulder and neck aches, to compulsive eating, high blood pressure, depression, anxiety and sluggish immunity, this is stress in a nutshell.  Don’t reach for the Gin, give Sarah a call and book in a treatment – she even offers a mobile service for a small supplement.


5. It works – the ultimate 40 plusser fixer.



That is kind of a deal breaker for me, something needs to work. I know one treatment may not make a huge amount of difference (apart from the best nights sleep) but if you have taken years for stress to build, it will take more than one to rectify and rebalance. Although I am not practising anymore, I am very aware of the code of ethics, that reflexologist can’t ‘diagnose’ or ‘heal’ or ‘cure’ these are words that are ‘forbidden’.


What reflexology does do, is that it works.




My lovely holistic therapist for the day

Sarah Gordon 


Sarah is professional, friendly and with 20+ years experience, she knows about reflexology. She is also one of these multi-talented amazing therapists who offers an array of other treatments - not just reflexology. We connected - our mutual love of helping others, especially the stressed out and frazzled women who we give time to - Sarah with her treatments and for ME with Coaching and Colour.


Apart from giggling over ‘in’ cruise line jokes and tales of the sea, my full medical history and thorough investigation into my health was recorded first, before my treatment (which was amazing). Sarah rocked her outfit in a purple therapist uniform – a deeply spiritual colour. Not only that, a matching purple therapy room – yes I was in heaven!  


A  40 plusser 5 star rating


Here is how you can get in touch with Sarah Gordon:


Tel: 07876 245576  Email: info@sgholistictherapy.co.uk



Now the BIG reveal…..


I have a confession! 


I am having a face lift!






It is a HOLISTIC face lift - can’t wait to share

More to come in the next few weeks as I am on treatment number five with seven more to go #beforeandafter #wheresmy11gone #byebyewrinkles


Stay colourful my friends








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