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Five Whys called Mo

January 20, 2019



Vision boarding, goal setting, tasking, planning, journaling and New Year resolutions – I can’t take anymore! If I see one more blog post, Facebook advert or guilt induced post from yet another ‘I can change your life’ guru, I think I may just vom up all my Christmas leftovers!


Great intentions…YES….Sustainable? Not always. Annoying, erm you can decide that one?


Don’t get me wrong, as a coach this is my business but only YOU can change your life and YOU decide:


1. When

2. How

3. Who with

4. WHY


 Stick to these guidelines and you’ll be fine


‘The five WHYS called Mo’ christened by this 40 plusser and named due to my love of a challenge, all things coachy and musical theatre (I’m such a loveeeee) to give you a technique/tip/trick that actually works rather well.


Welcome back to the blog, and the start of 2019. Now it’s all about the year of simplicity!



 I’m Clare – yes, that’s me!!! 


Now it’s all about ME.

Coach, Lover of Colourful things, Blogger and Mother to the group:

‘I am not invisible or dead, I am  a 40 plusser’.  


This is a 40+ woman’s take on modern day lifestyle, championing the fact that at this 40+ age we are more alive than ever.


Take that Yann Moix!!




To kick start the year I’d like to share something simple with you. 

Simple but effective.


The ‘Five WHYS called Mo’.


Let’s try it.  ‘Why’ not…?


The five whys are used to drill down to discover and uncover your true

MO-tivation or Mo-jo.


Once you name your WHYS the Mo just flows.


In January we are inundated with the pressure to change, set goals, intentions and make this the best year of your life (too much pressure).


I have set my goals this year by using the bullet journaling method #BuJo,

decorating my vision board and putting my blinkers on to everything else that is around me to avoid overwhelm.


Bursts into song ‘I did it MY way’. 


I do use a method, not mine but Sakichi Toyoda’s technique. He used the five whys to get to the route of his company’s car manufacturing issues. Bet you can’t guess which one?


The five WHYS


To understand WHY is to unlock your motivations - in simple terms. 

After all it is the unofficial year of simplicity.


Simply write down your goal and ask the five whys. 





‘I want to get more sleep’


1. Why do you want to sleep more? Because I’ve got into a bad habit of not going to bed before midnight


2. Why? I think I get distracted by unimportant things early evening, then I realise it’s late and start to panic and do the things I should have done earlier. 


3. Why?  Because I am not very good at writing  a ‘to do’ list and forget what I need to do, until the eleventh hour - literally!


4. Why?  I am a lastminute.com sort of person


5. Why? Because I grew up that way, as I never had  routine or structure. 


Yes, I know, it digs deep, but the FIVE gets to the real reason behind the intention. This is NOT about sleep, this is about early forming habits. Introducing a routine and understanding how to organise daily tasks can produce some amazing results. SLEEP. 


The five whys open up five different chapters. By understanding the ‘why’ from the first question ‘why do you want to get more sleep’, this redefines the goal. Yes, in this example the client wants to ‘get more sleep’ but supporting the client in formulating a plan to learn organisational skills will, in turn, do exactly that.  


Let’s change the goal to:


‘I want to learn how to organise my tasks, prioritise what needs doing and identify my distractions. By implementing a daily planner, limiting “social media distraction time” and introducing a new bedtime routine, I will get more sleep. I will feel refreshed, more energised and happier.’


Now that’s what I call motivation.   




 If you are interested, curious or itching to know more about the magical coaching process, book  a ‘discovery me’ call today.

Half an hour of ME for FREE!

Stay colourful my friends





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