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The shiny object syndrome

September 22, 2019



Things that glitter in the distance, glowing items, colourful things, awesome new dress in the shop window, lights that sparkle, hot guy/girl in the street, Netflix, a new Insta post, a notification on Facebook or another LIKE from some complete random!


That’s a pretty varied list and I could fill several pages with things that take our attention away from the now. These all sound hugely appealing and worth further investigation, but is it just distracting us away from our day to day lives….


I’m Clare, I love all things shiny and my ability to spot a bargain from outer space has been well documented. I had a deeply buried and troublesome affliction that some of you may relate to…..


Shiny Object Syndrome - SOS


It is true and I meet many, many people who belong to the SOS club


One could come up with many theories about the SOS part of our brain and the ‘for’ versus the ‘against’ list for reasons behind the SOS, but if we are stripping this bare, the bottom line is that it is just a distraction.


Dis – traction or could this mean that we attack motion?


Are we pulling away from the traction in our lives?




As ‘distractions’ was the topic of conversation in a Business Coaching Group I ran last week, it seemed like the perfect moment of synchronicity to stumble across an email from the very lovely Gretchen Rubin the day after, aptly titled:


“Distraction Starts from Within; It is Our Never-ending Search for an Escape from Psychological Discomfort.” An interview with Nir Eyal





I was being distracted away from my work with this BIG YELLOW SOS and instead of replying to my emails, I read the new shiny one that landed in my inbox.



This is, however, a brilliant read, you have permission to get distracted and read it, you'll learn a lot about yourself here

The solution to SOS through the eyes of a recovering addict






Awareness (stage one)






Techniques to focus on (Pomodoro technique etc)





A scheduler for noticing patterns and times when SOS happens (in the link)





Go Digital Free (detox time)






Learn how to master SOS control (it is within your control)  





Hire a coach (like me!)





As a coach I now have more control over my Shiny Object Syndrome. It has been explored, acknowledged and understood.


Freedom from time zappers! 


Imagine what it would be like to be free from SOS? 


Now times that by a thousand - feels great


I have helped many clients in an SOS club to know how to control it before IT controls YOU.


I am a complete over-sharer of information, as I have an absolute compulsion to be generous with knowledge, inspire and motivate others and help make a difference in other people‘s lives. I am a questioner, a people watcher, and amongst the most proudest achievements to date, a coach. Not just any old coach, a creative coach who makes a difference and puts the glow back into each person I work with. I work by the session and not by the clock and my discovery calls are legendary. 


Even if it is just one person who has read this blog and thought about distractions in a different way to benefit their long term plans, then my job is done. Planning for change is a pivotal part of the coaching process, but firstly, awareness is the key to unlock the door to oneself.  


The majority of my wonderful clients want to become unstuck from something in their lives that is no longer serving them well. Instead of running towards the problem a person can run away, this can often lead to high levels of SOS as a coping mechanism to life.

You may find that after coaching you feel inner calm & peace, strong & resilient, happy & purposeful, learn a new way of thinking, decisive, mega confident, able to let go and live a life free from guilt, anxiety, stress and stagnation.


I invite you to take the first and bravest step towards a brighter future.


​You are the brightest star in your universe and I will work with you every step of the way to get the results that light up your world


​What I offer is to get in touch for a Discover ME call.


A FREE telephone consultation  07904 332 339 or 01737 245714

email: info@nowitsallaboutme.co.uk


Stay colourful







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