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 Now it’s all about ME can bring YOU some ultimate self-care packages.


After years of personal development, training in counselling and coaching, 10 years of career guidance and learning every day – I have one thing I can truly offer -ME





  1. Once a week group session – 3 hours

  2. 6 people ONLY

  3. 6 sessions

  4. 6 weeks  

  5. An evening or day time option available

  6. Each session covers a different Life Coaching element (can be flexible)

  7. A friendly and warm atmosphere

  8. Private and confidential

  9. Discussions, activities, journalling and more

  10. Only £39 per session / book one off sessions or all 6 and receive a 10% discount

  11. Qualified trainer, Life Coach and Colour stylist



This is what my clients have said about our work together

‘Friendly and open, you make me feel very relaxed, like I have known you for years’

‘How do you do it? Your warmth and understanding helps me feel at ease, it brings out the best in me’

‘Your passion for life coaching and living a life in colour is infectious’

‘You make it sound all so simple, but I’ve been struggling for years, finally someone who understands me, helps me understand myself’

‘I look forward to my appointments each week, something new always reveals itself and I feel so inspired’

These comments makes my heart sing, it’s not a job to me but a life choice, knowing how to bring the best version of yourself out from beneath the hidden layers and experience confidence, awareness and happiness is the greatest gift

I can only do this because of all my training, my own personal development work and continued learning – was this always the case? Absolutely not- I am an example of the power of Life Coaching and in turn self-belief.

What you see is what you get, a warm, kind and generous mid life lady with a silly sense of humour and a 3D way of looking at the world with colour, love and empathy

The only drawback to my trade is often the cost – I know people tell me that you can’t put a price on your emotional and spiritual health-but I also know it’s not that simple either, with bills to pay and children/family members/friends to support along the road of life.

This is my WHY for this package offer

To support my core values and to tap into my ‘inner trainer’ I am delighted to announce my new Coaching Creations – hand designed -with love -creativity-colour and bag loads of experience

I don’t have any fancy gadgets of gizmos on social media-or fancy countdowns – must buys- look what you are missing out on -it is simply not my style

What you will get is a colourful training opportunity to dip your toes into the world of Life Coaching in a safe group, facilitated by ME for YOU


If you are interested please get in touch for your free telephone conversation here