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Coach ME

"I wanted to thank you.  Without your guidance and coaching I really don't think I would have had the confidence to make these decisions and to choose the options that are right for me without worrying about everyone else.  I feel like I had a total block on what I really wanted for myself,  and once I worked that out,  the decisions became no-brainers! 


So,  thank you.  I am feeling so positive and hopeful about life now.  

"You have helped change my life, never in a million years would I have dreamed that I could start my own business and learn  how to cope with my anxiety. There are no words to say how grateful I am"

"I have gone from a  stay at home Mum, feeling like I have no future, to a positive and excited woman who recognises my skills and talents, that I have hidden for so long"


"After every session with you, I feel so motivated and determined to practice all the things I've learned in the session, into my reality"

"I was a gibbering wreck before my coaching sessions, now I am not afraid, I am working and see a future"

"Thank you for making my muddled mind, clearer."


"I loved the exercise we did to work out my core values, it all makes perfect sense now. This was the biggest break through for me."


"Clare, you listened and you always gave such great advice. A genuine and caring person."                    

"The Discover ME call and your colourful website attracted ME to your life coaching. I was so deeply stuck in my life, the coaching and all the exercises, journaling and reflection work helped me move forward, I can't thank you enough"

"I didn't expect on our first session to identify the right career path for my skill set, I can't tell you how excited I am to work towards my goal. I had no direction before and now I am focused, enthusiastic and loving life. "

"Attending the life coaching sessions with Clare has given me the skills to organise my muddled mind and clarify the direction I want my life to take. I can not recommend Clare enough, she has a fantastic way of making you think without telling you what to do"

"Thanks so much Clare, the last session we had was so useful and guess what? I got the job!



"Why did I not know about this before-it has been a life changer'

"I now have clarity, confidence and direction, I am still working on a few other areas in my life but the difference is I

know I can, thanks to Clare"

Colour ME

"Wow! I didn't realise having my colours done could be so much fun!   I was a bit nervous beforehand, but Clare was so skilled and professional that I felt in safe hands. Plus we had a really good laugh - Clare's warm and funny, totally impossible to faze, and explains the whole process so well. I have come away with a really clear idea of what colours suit me and what to avoid -as well as some great (and unexpected) colour combinations to try. I've had loads of compliments since, too, so something has obviously worked! 

'I spent a lovely afternoon exploring the world of colour and style with Clare. She spent a lot of time explaining and analysing which colours would suit me best and what shape I am. The colour cards I came away with will easily fit into my purse so that I can take them out when I’m shopping for clothes and make up.